Hand Rejuvenation: What Are The Recommended Techniques?

Moisturizing, peels, and light therapies are indicated treatments for hand rejuvenation. Learn more in this article.
Hand Rejuvenation: What Are The Recommended Techniques?
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Last update: 07 April, 2023

Our skin is a relentless organ that easily reveals the advance of the years. Just as taking care of one’s complexion delays the signs of aging, hand rejuvenation is also a way to erase the signs of wrinkled skin.

Because of their constant exposure to the sun and their delicate nature, it’s more difficult for the backs of the hands to retain water, resulting in the fragility of the tissue, manifested through a deteriorated appearance. The consequence is tissue fragility, manifested through a deteriorated appearance.

Ways to address this problem range from home habits to specialized methods. With some exceptions, they’re mostly non-invasive and successful in skin recovery. Let’s take a closer look.

What is hand rejuvenation all about?

The National Institute on Aging in the United States argues that skin transforms with age, increasing the loss of muscle mass, showing furrows, and looking dull. Methods designed to rejuvenate the hands reduce and prevent the symptoms of skin aging. The purpose of the treatments is oriented toward the return of natural smoothness and tone.

Although the signs usually appear after the age of 40, it is possible to request rejuvenation earlier. In fact, some doctors recommend the techniques before the first wrinkles, since the horny layer on the hands is so thin that it does not absorb mechanical aggressions.

Aesthetic touch-ups on the hands favor cell regeneration, benefit pigmentation, and promote the formation of collagen and elastin.

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Arrugas en la piel.
There are parts of the skin that are more prone to wrinkles, such as the neck and hands.

When is it convenient to apply hand rejuvenation?

The Journal of the Colombian Association of Dermatology states that aging affects the components of the skin, including the subcutaneous cellular tissue and annexes. When it comes to the hands, the process is accelerated by permanent contact with pollutants and sunlight.

Rejuvenation is performed to save the esthetics and functionality of the hands, especially when they present particular conditions:

  • Transparency: This is what is known as “bony hands”, since as the skin weakens it becomes gracile and the bones and veins are more noticeable.
  • Creases: Wrinkled skin, no matter how small the lines, are the result of dehydration and require timely attention to avoid worsening.
  • Pigmented lesions: These are brown, yellowish, or reddish spots that derive from photoaging, melanin accumulation, and hormonal factors.

Hand rejuvenation techniques

You can benefit the appearance of your hands by massaging them daily with moisturizing and hydrating creams that contribute to softness and prevent cracks. You can also go to an aesthetic center and consult a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon for rejuvenation techniques.

Although the common application of skin restoration methods is usually facial, in the case of hands they provide good results. Check them out!

Radisse ®

Injecting calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) restores volume to the hands. This filler consists of microspheres contained in a gel with infiltrable characteristics.

CaHA is resorbable and non-allergenic. The trade name of the method is Radisse ®, described as a subdermal and biocompatible injectable implant, recommended to correct wrinkles.


Biostimulation for hand smoothness is the injection of the patient’s own platelet-rich plasma mixed with hyaluronic acid (HA), vitamins, and other components. It is also a needle technique and maintenance is annual.

Chemical peels

Actas Dermo-Sifilográficas indicates that chemical peels use substances that produce desquamation of the stratum corneum and induce epidermal normalization and remodeling of the skin. Check with your dermatologist to determine the number of sessions to erase blemishes on your hands.

It’s common for this type of chemical peel to contain formulas with trichloroacetic acid. The substance has medium potency and is ideal for delicate skin.

Peels with glycolic and salicylic acids are also suggested.


PIEL magazine highlights as advantages of microdermabrasion its safety, simplicity, and effectiveness in treating photoaging conditions. With a diamond-tipped device, dead cells on the surface of the skin are removed, enabling skin regeneration of the hands.

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Hydration with HA and vitamins

This dermo-cosmetic method is known as revitalization because it supplies minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. The procedure also contemplates hydration with HA to increase the thickness of subdermal tissue.

The Scientific Journal of Aesthetics and Cosmetology claims that HA improves skin elasticity and hydration and can be supplied in different molecular weights and even orally. However, a dermal filler is more advantageous for the freshness of the hands.

The technique consists of the infiltration of revitalizing substances on the back of the hands. The effect requires maintenance sessions at least every 3 months.


The patient has body fat removed during surgical liposuction. The adipose material is centrifuged and injected under the skin of the back.

For best results, a couple of sessions are needed. Unlike temporary and maintenance-intensive methods, lipofilling promises definitive results.

Liposucción para lipofilling en las manos.
This technique uses the body’s own fat obtained from a liposuction procedure.

Light therapies

Laser-based treatments provide optimal results. They are a little more expensive, but in a few sessions and without pain they renew aged hands.

Two of the therapies recommended by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology are the following:

  • Q-switched: This consists of a pulsed laser on the hands, to blur hyperpigmentation, tightening the skin and activating collagen production.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This is popularly known by its acronym in English (IPL). This light therapy allows you to see the effects starting with the first session. The condition of the skin determines the number of visits.

How to slow down the aging of the hands

Sagging, dryness, and wrinkles, as well as other signs of aging on the hands, can be prevented with care routines that include anti-aging cosmetics, the use of gloves during household chores, and exfoliations.

Related to the topic, the Mayo Clinic recommends applying broad-spectrum sunscreen daily and avoiding sun intensity between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Never underestimating photoaging is a key warning for healthy-looking hands.

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