7 Hair Trends that Are Hot on TikTok

The hottest hair trends are unveiled first on TikTok. Let's take a look at what's coming for this season.
7 Hair Trends that Are Hot on TikTok

Last update: 11 November, 2022

TikTok is one of the social networks that has grown the most in recent times. Between tutorials, challenges, and entertainment, time slips away easily when browsing this application. In this article, we’ll focus on the beauty section and share some of the hair trends that are currently trending on TikTok.

The idea is to give you an overview of what’s hot at the moment to show off a trendy head of hair. Celebrities and influencers share their images and show us the trends that are already all the rage.

1. The mullet cut

We’ll start with this cut, which has gone viral on social networks. It’s currently one of the most requested haircuts in hairdressers around the world. Surely you know it because you’ve seen it around, but maybe you didn’t know it was called that and the story behind it.

It consists of leaving short bangs on the forehead, while the sides are even shorter and even shaved in some cases. Meanwhile, the hair at the back is longer.

Its origins date back to the battlefields of the Roman Empire. It simulates a helmet that facilitates front and side vision.

Back in the present day, the mullet cut is often a symbol of rebellion in punk and queer groups. It’s also the type of haircut that tends to leave no one impartial: you either love it or hate it. Since it’s not a conventional cut, it has gained as many followers as people who would never have it done.

It also comes to satisfy the needs for representation and the identification of the new social genders. This is because its characteristics place it just between the masculine and feminine, so people who identify as non-binary often enjoy this cut.

hair trends: bangs and mullet cut
 The mullet haircut has very defined lines. When choosing it, it’s important to make sure it’s correctly tailored.

2. The wolf cut

This new haircut is a fusion of the mullet and the shag. The former has already been described, while the latter brings the movement of a layered cut to the top of the head, resulting in a sort of “wolf effect.”

The cut is closed at the front with a curtain of bangs. It opens into an inverted V-shape at the forehead.

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3. Bubble braids

One of the hair trends sweeping TikTok is this hairstyle that young celebrities love. It’s a neat mix of ponytails and bun braids (ponytails that are divided into rounded parts that are separated with elastic bands). This hairstyle adds movement to the hair and is very easy to do.

4. Chunky highlights

These are the classic colored highlights that contrast with the base tone of the hair. Some prefer to wear just two wide strands of highlights in front to frame their faces. Others opt for more highlights distributed throughout their hair.

The color of the highlights will depend on how bold you are. Also, it will depend on how much you want your new look to be noticed.

5. 90’s hairstyles

For those of us who love everything to do with the glorious 90s, the hairstyles of that era are back with a vengeance. Oversized ponytails or scrunchies are all the rage at TikTok, and they’re already showing up in the new season’s hair trends.

Whether it’s a ponytail or a half updo, high ponytails, or side-swept braids, the 90s are coming back to life. Will you be up for the nostalgia?

6. Curly locks

Natural curls are in this season. They finally say goodbye to hair straightening methods that can cause so much damage.

So, if this is your case, it’s time to moisturize your curls and wear them natural. Adding to this trend are curly bangs. Yes, that’s right: curly bangs! We’re also finally saying goodbye to the stigma that bangs and curls are not compatible.

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7. Bobs

This is a rather short hairstyle, as the hair is at the neck and is longer at the chin than at the back. It doesn’t favor curls, waves, or straight hair because it looks good on any type of hair. It’s also comfortable and gives both volume and movement.

hair trends: short bobs
A bob should have a well-designed reverse progression so it doesn’t look too abrupt or jagged.

In this article, we’ve presented you with seven different ways to wear your hair that have garnered millions of red hearts on TikTok. We hope you can pick the one you like the most and give it a try on your hair.

Finally, always remember to have a trained professional stylist work on your hair. Don’t do it by yourself at home, because you may not like the result.

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