How to Grow Healthy and Beautiful Eyelashes

· October 18, 2014

Everyone wants to be able to show off attractive, long, and healthy eyelashes that lighten up our face.  But sometimes our eyelashes fall out, or they have some sort of dandruff that could be itchy, or that could cause small problems that prevent them from looking the way we want them to.

In addition to serving an aesthetic purpose, eyelashes serve an important purpose for the eyes that must not be forgotten; they protect our eyes from sunlight by filtering the sun’s rays, and the prevent dirt and foreign bodies from entering the eyes.  We all love to have long and beautiful eyelashes, but let’s not forget that they are absolutely necessary for sight, meaning that the stronger and thicker they are, the better they are for our health.  Would you like to know how to grow these kinds of eyelashes?

Primary causes of eyelash problems


Dermatologists say that the average lifespan of one eyelash is around five months, at which point it will be replaced by a new one.   Whether or not this does not happen, if a new eyelash is developed to substitute the previous one, depends on a few factors that we are going to talk about below.  Let’s get to know the primary reasons that eyelashes could sometimes grow back fragile, or even stop growing.

  • A bad diet: this could cause eyelashes to grow back weak, or to stop growing back altogether, if certain vitamins and minerals are lacking in our diet.  Eyelash loss is caused by the same things that cause hair loss.  You must eat a balanced diet that covers any deficiencies in vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin H (biotin), and a sufficient amount of iron and magnesium.  So try to introduce green vegetables into your diet, like spinach, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, as well as grains, like Brewer’s yeast, dried fruits like walnuts, pistachios, almonds, Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in salmon, for example
  • Poor makeup habits: Not taking your makeup off at night is definitely a serious mistake.  A lot of people forget to take it off before going to bed, which causes filth to accumulate.  Waterproof mascara is usually the most harmful because it it a lot more difficult to clean the eye, and to completely remove it from eyelashes.  Use an appropriate makeup remover and use slow movements while removing mascara, moving from inside out, very delicately.
  • Using curlers: Sometimes people put their makeup on in a hurry, which causes people to ignore the state of their curlers.  The plastic used on the metal piece can easily become damaged, which ends up damaging eyelashes and can even pull them out.  You should frequently replace the plastic pad on your eyelash curlers.
  • Styes: this is an inflammation of the eyelid (blepharitis) due to an abscess caused by an accumulation of fat.  It is caused by contact with bacteria, especially when touching the eyes with dirty hands.
  • Seborrhea: This happens when excessive oil accumulates on the tip of the eyelid.  This causes eyelashes to get stuck to one another, which leads to white flakes forming on the eyelid.  This is quite normal in younger people, and occurs due to nutritional deficits or hormonal changes.

Remedies for growing healthy and beautiful eyelashes

Nourishing smoothie for eyelashes

Beet juiceFood-Thinkers


Drinking a good juice in the morning with all the appropriate nutrients will provide you with not only healthy and beautiful eyelashes, but also strong and shiny hair.  Mix two carrots, one orange, two tablespoons of flower pollen, one tablespoon of honey, two crushed walnuts, and a few pine nuts.  Blend until the juice looks good, and drink immediately.  This smoothie has a perfect amount of vitamins and minerals.

Strengthen your eyelashes

Castor oil

If you frequently wear makeup, remember to first use invisible mascara, which is usually sold as enriched with nourishing protectors.  At any rate, even if you don’t usually wear makeup, it’s always good to brush your eyelashes every day with a special tiny brush.  Spread a thin layer of vaseline over them, or you could even use castor oil.  This will make them grow more and healthier.  But remember not to use too much, that way you won’t damage your eyes or get conjunctivitis.

Chamomile remedy

ChamomileThis is perfect to do at night, and will help keep your eyelashes healthy and shiny.  In order for this remedy to work, you always have to use organic chamomile, and not the chamomile sold in tea bags.  All you need to do is boil two or three flowers in one cup of water.  Afterwards, use a cotton ball to rub it on your eyelids, moistening your eyelashes well.

Blink frequently

According to dermatologists, this stimulates eyelid circulation and eyelash growth.

Use an appropriate eyelash mask

Always try to buy mascara with panthenol, as this contains vitamin B5, ceramides, and some SPF.  Mascara sold as “waterproof” (ones that you can’t wash off with water) are usually more dangerous for eyelashes because it’s more difficult to remove.  Also, remember to keep your curler clean, as this is usually a source of bacteria.