Forgive and Let Go of the Past

· April 11, 2016
You can't let the past keep you from moving forward. Mistakes don't have to keep you down, they should be looked at as a part of life's learning process.

Our past can sometimes overwhelm us to the point that it prevents us from living the present in peace and harmony. When this happens, we’re paralyzed and can’t make any progress forward.

It’s easy to say that we should just let go of the past if we want to move on, but when it’s really painful and isn’t resolved naturally, it becomes a really serious problem that requires our attention.

You’ll learn from your mistakes

One of the main reasons that we don’t make any progress forward are the mistakes that we made. A guilty conscience from doing something wrong, or doing something we didn’t really want to do, haunts and torments us.


In principle, we know that mistakes can be corrected, but what about the ones that seem like there’s no turning back from? The solution is simple, you just have to learn from them. Remember that you can always get something positive from any negative experience.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes, even the ones that weigh heavily on your conscience. It will keep you from moving forward and you’ll be subject to a past that you cannot change. Keep looking forward, because you can’t change what’s already been done.

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Should you beat yourself up for your mistakes? Never, because making mistakes is human and something that teaches us that we’re not perfect. We should be aware of the fact that mistakes are positive because we can learn from them.

I won’t deny myself happiness

You may have experienced some sad and dark times in your past that you remember in your present. These times are long gone! You can’t keep living in your past because your present is here.


There are many people who are not capable of being happy because they live anchored in their past. It’s normal to sometimes reflect on the past to learn from it, to see what has happened to us and how we learned from it.

To do this, you’ll need to learn to forgive and to forgive yourself. Resentment never did anyone any good, it just denies you the happiness that’s waiting for you. You need to let go of anything that is anchoring you to your past.

Not only do you need to learn to forgive others, you also need to learn to forgive yourself for your own mistakes. This will free you from the huge weight that you’ve been carrying around on your shoulders.

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It’s essential that you give yourself the opportunity to keep moving forward, even if you look back now and then. But it’s important that you only look back when it helps you take a step further towards happiness.

Now’s the time to let go!


Do you know what dependency is? It’s attaching ourselves to someone because we’re afraid to be alone due to past trauma. At the same time, we suffer from a type of dependency on our past.

We shouldn’t let ourselves become dependent on our past because we need accept that we can’t change it. Living and residing in it, keeps us from being our best selves and turns us into the kind of people that don’t go anywhere or do anything with their lives.

We can’t move forward without letting go. Think of living in the past like being caught in a rope, a rope that you tied and you alone can let go of. And now is the time to do it.

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Look at your past with the eyes of an observer and learn from your mistakes and successes. Forgive people who’ve hurt you. Focus on your present and what you want to change. It’s really important that you take action.


Everyone at some point needs to return to their past. The important thing is to not stay there forever because our reality is the here and now. We live in the present marching ever forward towards the future.

Don’t allow yourself to live in the past. It’s behind you and contains many things you don’t like. Today you can change all that and leave it behind. The present gives you the opportunity to change.