12 Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Room with Photographs

Decorating your room with photos will not only give it a unique and personal touch, but will also enable you to always have your loved ones close by.
12 Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Room with Photographs

Written by Editorial Team

Last update: 04 September, 2023

Photographs are a beautiful reminder of the special moments in our lives. Fortunately, thanks to today’s technology, it’s much easier to take and keep countless quantities of them.

How can I use my photographs?

As we mentioned previously applications like Instagram and Facebook have become very popular. These allow us to share all those experiences that we’ve compiled in photos or videos.

However, many of us also continue to enjoy physical photographs.

Ideas to decorate your room

If you’re a photograph lover and would like to see them every day, it’s a good idea to decorate our room or study with them.

However, beyond just putting up a picture, here are some awesome ideas that for sure you’ll love for exhibiting your favorite memories and giving your living space a little touch of life.

Join us!

1. Hang your photographs on a wall clothesline

A good option is to keep your photos above your bed so that you can see them better when you go into your room.

You can keep a clothesline or cord on the wall and hang your photos on the cord with clips. This will allow you to secure them to prevent them from falling down.

Photographs on clothespins

2. A clock with your favorite photos

Another great idea brings together two prized personal items your photos and your clock. You can make a really original clock using the photos as numbers.

  • You just need a clock mechanism and 12 of your favorite photos.
  • Stick them up with an adhesive that doesn’t damage the wall and place the clock hands in the center. Done!
Photographs in a clock

3. Personalize your jars and lids

You can buy jars with transparent lids and stick the photo to the edges. Inside you can place accessories like sand, sequins, or little pearls.

This will give your photos a different touch and you can hang them up or put them on your desk.

Photographs of seashells

4. Make a collage

Simple but beautiful. You can choose to make a collage of your photos and those of your familyUsing black and white pictures can give it a spectacular touch!

Play with the size and direction of the pictures, until you create a general square that contains all your photos.

Family photographs in a collage

5. Hang your memories on a stick!

A very chic variant to hang up your photos is to use a tree branch or a wooden stick.

  • Hang the stick on the wall and tie several strings to it so that they hang vertically.
  • Then stick or clip the photos to them however you like best and you will have a hanging photo album.
Photographs in a rectangle on the wall

6. A garland of photos

Continuing with the trend of hanging photos, a good option is to use some fairy lights as a string.

Hang them up along the whole wall and attach your photos to them.

This will give your room a touch of light and it’s also perfect for lighting up your pictures.

Photographs and lights on a wall

7. Use a frame

You can also use a frame and paint it to give it a vintage touch or your own style.

  • You can use nails to attach the strings to the frame, or you can stick or tie them.
  • Once you have the right number of lines to fit your frame, hang up your photos using clips.
Photographs in a frame

8. A column with your photographs

If you want to decorate an empty column, a very good idea is to fill it with photographs, according to the shape of the wall.

  • To show your photos in a sophisticated way, we recommend you use pieces of wood and that you paint them the color you prefer.
  • Then stick the photos onto the wood with glue for varnished surfaces and leave it to dry.

Your photos will have a shiny touch and be well-attached.

Photographs on a wall

9. A vertical board of your memories

You can use a long, vertical piece of wood and paint it or varnish it. Then you can position your photos at different angles on it.

The vertical touch will make your room seem much bigger and more complete, so you can consider this option if you have a corner that’s “missing something”.

Photographs in a line

10. Make shapes with your photographs

Lately, it has really come into fashion to organize photos in a specific design. It could be the shape of a heart, a diamond, a triangle, or whatever you like!

This is a very beautiful design that gives a unique touch to your space.

Photographs in a heart shape

11. A wooden plank as a photo frame?

Wood goes great with photos. You can use some any old pieces or planks and varnish them to make them look as good as new.

Stick them to the wall, put up a wire, and you can hang up your photos with clothes pegs. It will look beautiful and very sophisticated.

Photographs on the wall

12. A branch as a stand

The last idea is to place your photographs simulating the leaves of a branch. Not only does it look beautiful, but you can also add a garland of lights to complement it.

Photographs arranged in a tree shape

“Among the many way of fighting the emptiness, one of the best is to take photographs.”
-Julio Cortázar-

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