Everything You Need to Know About Anal Itching

· July 19, 2017
Where's that itch coming from? While anal itching can correspond to different causes, good diet and hygiene are fundamental for preventing it. Try to include fiber in your diet.

You probably haven’t heard anyone talking about anal itching. After all, it isn’t exactly the best dinner table conversation. However, the interesting thing is that many people have suffered from it.

In fact, it’s more common than you think.

Anal itching

In medical terms, its pruritus ani. However, most of us know it as anal itching. This gives a name to this annoying problem. But what is it?

Anal itching is an itch that occurs in the anal region and surrounding areas. This usually causes reddening, swelling, and, of course, excessive itching.

Both men and women can be affected by this annoying condition. However, it’s usually more common among men.

The causes of anal itching

First of all, anal itching isn’t related to deficiencies or diseases in your anus. The skin tissues in the area simply suffer from it.

Overall, many things can cause its appearance. In this article, we’ll list some of most significant ones.

Irritation or a chemical allergy

There are a lot of chemicals that come in contact with your anal region. However, most people might not even know what they are.

Several personal hygiene products usually include a lot of these kinds of components in their production. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions in skin tissues.

Examples include products like:

  • Toilet paper
  • Medical powders
  • Soaps (for intimate areas and traditional ones)
  • Perfumes
  • Creams

Cleaning yourself with too much force

Hygiene is a fundamental factor for human beings. This is especially true of the anal region. After all, this area is usually very dirty when you have a bowel movement.

As a result, it’s a good idea to completely clean yourself. However, the problem is that sometimes too much cleaning ends up being toxic for your skin.

By using your hands and toilet paper, you can use too much force. This can cause skin breakage and irritation because of the friction. This ends up causing anal itching.

If possible, try using water to help wash after a bowel movement. In addition, make sure to always buy gentle toilet paper.

Bad hygiene

This is on the other end of the spectrum of the argument of too much cleaning. Having bad anal cleaning habits can cause several problems.

You should always remove excess fecal matter from the area. However, you should be careful and not use too much pressure.

When fecal matter isn’t completely removed, it stays in your anal opening. Almost immediately, this causes the feeling of itching.

This problem usually shows up stronger when you have liquid bowel movements.

Irritating diets

There are some foods that aren’t good for your body. However, these change from person to person. Not everything affects everyone the same.

Your anus can be irritated by several products.

Some of the ingredients that it’s wise to avoid are:

  • Spicy or acidic foods (cayenne pepper, chili peppers, citrus, or tomatoes)
  • Drinks with caffeine (soft drinks, coffee, or tea)
  • Chocolate
  • Spices

How to fight anal itching

Luckily, there are some different natural ways to counteract anal itching.


The antiseptic and antibacterial properties in this ingredient are perfect for treating itching in your anal region.

You can eat it by itself or add it in your recipes as a condiment.

Aloe vera

With aloe vera, we’re talking about its calming and moisturizing properties that counteract pain, inflammation, and anal itching.

At the same time, applying the gel helps with treating hemorrhoids.


Not all kinds of yogurt are good for treating anal itching.

In this case, we recommend using natural yogurt with a lot of probiotics (healthy bacteria for your body).

These organisms encourage the well-being of this area and fight problems associated with itching.

  • To get their benefits, you can apply the yogurt directly or eat it (at least 2 cups per day).


Increasing the amount of fiber you eat in your diet contributes to your digestive processes. Doing this makes sure that your bowel movements aren’t as liquid.

As time passes, it can help with the treatment of anal itching.