How to End Cellulitis with Avocado Seed

· January 16, 2017
The avocado seed possesses the same nutrients as the pulp, which is a lethal weapon against cellulitis.

Summer is long gone and you’ve started packing on a few extra pounds because you have lost the discipline that you have the rest of the year. Or maybe this doesn’t happen only at the end of your vacation.

You notice that besides having gained weight, you now have cellulitis.

You have at your disposal a great variety of products to eliminate cellulitis.  Most of them are expensive and also you know many people who have told you that these products don’t come through with their promises.

You also don’t like submitting your body to the absorption of artificial chemicals.  Many popular brands have recalled their creams and gels due to the presence of toxic chemicals.  They were unknown as being harmful at the time of production.

Because of this, the best idea is to use avocado seed, eat a balanced diet, and drink a sufficient amount of water to fight cellulitis.

Why avocado seed?


Also called  “orange peel skin,”  cellulitis is produced by the accumulation of  fluids and poor circulation. 

Regular use of lotions doesn’t aid in avoiding water retention and improving circulation.  Instead, they cause inflammation in the epidermis that helps simulate smooth skin.

However, the avocado seed stimulates lypolisis and circulation.  

Lypolisis is a digestive process that breaks down fat.  Microcirculation sends nutrients to eliminate the damaged cells.

The avocado seed goes directly to the root of the problem.

Doing this, you are making your own exfoliant, with the guarantee that you are using natural products.  There are no side effects and you are coming up with a very economical solution.

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How to prepare an avocado seed exfoliant


You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to prepare this natural remedy.


  • 4 avocado seeds
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil, almond oil or sunflower seed oil (64 g.)

Step by step preparation

  • Grate an avocado seed or slice it into very small pieces
  • Put it into a dry glass jar.  This is important since water will ruin the mixture.
  • Add the oil and mix it until it looks like dough.
  • When it has the desired texture, put it away in a closed dark place for three days.
  • After the three days, place it in the refrigerator (otherwise it will begin to mold)

How to apply it

  • As with other similar products, apply this after taking a shower.
  • Due to the hot water, pores are more open and this allows the exfoliant to penetrate easier.
  • It is best to apply by massaging in a clockwise circular motion. 
  • Rub this in for 10 minutes.

Other uses for the avocado

Using the avocado seed to treat cellulite is only one of the multiple facets of the avocado seed.  You can use the meat of the seed for the following:

Mask for the complexion

This is a food rich in fatty acids, rich in vitamins and minerals that generate a special sheen on the skin.  If you want to intensify the effect you can add honey, brewer’s yeast or yogurt to the mixture.

Anti-inflammatory gel for the neck

The aforementioned acids and vitamin E, not only diminish the pain, but they will remove the cause.  The best advantage is that harm is not done to the body, which can happen with ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Remember that even stomach remedies have side effects.

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The best ingredients to reduce cholesterol


When you include this in your recipes you are taking care of your health.  Due to its nutritional value, you will be able to counteract the substances that provoke the increase of cholesterol in the blood.

Use this to compliment your treatment or as a method of prevention.

Did you know that this food had so many qualities?  Will you try our recipe based on the avocado seed?

We guarantee that this will help you fight against unsightly cellulite at an incredible price.

The avocado pulp will also have infinite benefits.