Leek Remedy to Remove Toxins and Lose Weight

Leeks act as a natural diuretic and help your body rid itself of toxins. This vegetable is rich in vitamins, minerals, and soluble and insoluble fiber, helping to improve digestion.
Leek Remedy to Remove Toxins and Lose Weight

Last update: 12 June, 2020

This simple leek remedy will help complement your regular weight loss program while promoting your body’s natural detox. It’s amazing!

The plant we’re going to talk about today has a much milder flavor than onions and it’s a great addition to many of your daily recipes. But if there’s something that leeks should be known for, it’s their ability to eliminate toxins.

Something else you might not know is that leeks have been used to promote women’s health for centuries. Indeed, there are records from ancient Greece and Rome explaining how leeks could improve fertility and promote heart health in women and fight shortness of breath and fatigue.

In this article, we share how you can prepare a toxin cleanse and promote healthy weight loss. We’re sure you’ll find this information very helpful.

Leeks to keep you healthy

Leeks belong to the alliaceous family, a group of plants that grow from bulbs just like garlic and onions. However, they’re characterized by a much sweeter flavor than those two cousins and this makes them a lot more versatile in the kitchen.

On this blog, we often talk about the benefits of eating carrots, beets, garlic, and lemons. Now it’s time we talk about another exceptional vegetable for the following reasons:


Leeks: Great sources of nutrients

  • Leeks contain lots of antioxidants and flavonoids that fight inflammation and the effects of free radicals.
  • In addition, don’t forget that leeks are one of the most unique sources of vitamins A and C, excellent for helping cleanse your body, fight inflammation, and restore your body’s pH balance.
  • Something you might find interesting is that leeks have very few calories, making them a great option when you’re trying to lose weight (100 grams of leeks contain only 61 calories).
  • Leeks have a lot of both soluble and insoluble fiber. If you eat them on a regular basis, they can help fight constipation.
  • This unassuming vegetable is a rich source of vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium – all of which are essential for your health.
  • Lastly, they’re very high in folic acid, making them especially useful if you’re pregnant.

Leeks are natural antibiotics

  • Leeks don’t contain as much allicin as garlic does, but they’re still natural antibiotics.
  • Thanks to the levels of allicin contained in garlic and leeks, less cholesterol builds up in the bloodstream because they inhibit certain enzymes that accumulate in your liver.

They promote heart health

This simple leek remedy will help care for your cardiovascular health. Regular consumption of leeks promotes the release of nitric oxide (NO) through your blood vessel walls. The result is the optimization of your circulation and reduced formation of blood clots.

Leeks to cleanse the body

Leeks contain a lot of water, meaning they’re diuretic and help eliminate toxins. In fact, this plant is well-known due to its purifying powers. This is definitely worth remembering!

How to prepare the leek remedy

Woman drinking leek remedy.


  • 3 leeks
  • 1 liter of water
  • The juice from 1 lemon


  • For this detox and slimming treatment, you’ll need three fairly large leek stalks and one lemon. If you’ve ever prepared a detox using artichokes, this one is very similar.
  • The first thing you do is fill a pot with a liter of water and bring it to a boil. Open the three leeks and add them to the water to cook for a few minutes.
  • Once they’re ready, remove the pot from heat and reserve the cooking water.
  • Store your leek water in a glass bottle and add the lemon juice.
  • A quick tip: the leftover cooked leeks can be used to prepare a delicious soup or other things.

How to drink the leek remedy

  • Drink the first cup of liquid on an empty stomach when you get up in the morning. It’s a good idea to consume it while it’s lukewarm. This helps speed up your metabolism and compounds the cleansing properties of this natural beverage.
  • You should drink a second cup 15 minutes before lunchtime.
  • Try to remember to drink a third cup around mid-afternoon and finish the last one 15 minutes before dinner.

You can follow this cleansing weight loss diet for 10 days. Try to complement your leek remedy with a low-fat diet and some exercise. You’ll see results in no time and your body will thank you for it!

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