How to Eliminate Sagging Arms

After a certain age, the skin and musculature of the arms begins to sag. Fix this unsightly problem by following these tips to help eliminate sagging arms.
How to Eliminate Sagging Arms

Last update: 11 June, 2022

After a certain age, especially in women, the arms’ skin and musculature start to become flaccid and sag. In this article, discover some simple home remedies and a healthy diet that may help you eliminate sagging arms.

Eat protein

Vegetable protein.

Protein is necessary for your health, and in this case, it helps nourish and firm the skin and muscles. If you don’t eat enough protein, the muscle easily converts to fat.

It’s important to choose quality proteins that are easily absorbed and to not overdo it.

A good way to get enough protein is to eat a serving of protein at every meal. Avoid less healthy protein sources like red meat, sausage, and high-fat dairy products. Instead, opt for these healthier alternatives:

  • White meat: Ideal for toning and firming.
  • Fish: Oily fish and white fish contain a good quantity of proteins, although white fish is much lower in fat, making it a great choice for dinner.
  • Eggs: Egg whites contain the most protein and the yolk contains the most fat.
  • Milk and dairy products: The healthiest and lightest dairy products are goat cheese and cottage cheese, better still if they’re made from goat milk.
  • Legumes: Legumes are cheap and nutritious sources of vegetable protein. Cook them with a little cumin and kombu seaweed to make them easier to digest. They’re better served as a creamy soup for evening meals.
  • Dried fruits: Healthy and delicious, they’re an ideal choice for any time of day. However, you shouldn’t exceed the recommended amount, which is just a handful. Avoid those that are fried or overly-salted.

Clay to help remove toxins

When a part of the body accumulates excess fat or fluids, it usually has a hard time draining toxic substances.

To help eliminate toxins through the pores and improve the skin’s firmness, we recommend applying a clay masque at least once a week.

  • Mix the clay with enough water to create a spreadable texture that won’t drip and make a mess.
  • Apply it to sagging arms and let work until it’s dry.
  • Rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly before applying moisturizer.
An outstretched arm.

Moisturizing for firmness

This step is fundamental for firm skin, and we often forget the arms until we start to notice sagging.

You don’t have to spend money on expensive creams. You can use any natural hydrating lotion that’s nourishing and leaves your arms well hydrated.

Try using almond, coconut, or olive oil.

Exercise for sagging arms

To keep muscles from becoming flabby, they need to be exercised. If they’re not used regularly, they lose their ability and firmness.

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You don’t need to lift heavy weights. You can use a moderately heavy object and exercise at home, moving the arms in all directions.

Dedicate 5 or 10 minutes a day to strengthen your arms and, before long, you’ll notice the sagging disappear.

Cold water

Cold water is great for toning because it instantly improves blood flow.

  • Avoid showering with really hot water.
  • Always finish your shower with cold water, focusing on the arms.
  • During the day, wet the arms with cold water.

With these simple steps, you’ll help accelerate the toning process and experience an instant firming effect.

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