Easy Everyday Beauty Tricks

· April 2, 2015

How much money do we spend on beauty treatments that almost never give us the results we want? This happens most of the time. Fortunately there are simple beauty tricks and remedies that can help you with these basic necessities on a day-to-day basis. Take a look at them and we guarantee that they are as economic as they are effective. Ready?

Easy Everyday Beauty Tricks

1. Start with a Cold Shower



Really, a cold shower? Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be “really cold” but at the very least lukewarm. It just needs to make you feel cold. Why you ask? Because it is an amazing way to start the day. Cold water reactivates your circulation, tones your skin, stimulates your immune system, cures leg pain, reactivates circulation in varicose veins, and improves your skin’s elasticity. Do you need any more reasons? When you go to bed at night, there is nothing better than a hot shower to relax, but in the morning you will look more radiant and healthy with a quick cold shower.

2. Dark Circles? No Worries!


It happens to everyone. You wake up, look in the mirror, and there they are: the classic dark circles underneath your eyes which give you that annoying feeling of tiredness and sadness. Poor circulation or the accumulation of liquids always ends up discoloring your look. What can you do? Don’t worry, you can solve it quickly before going to work or starting your day. Put two spoons in the refrigerator for ten minutes. In the meantime, cut two slices of cucumber and put them on your eyes. The cucumber will reactivate circulation and tone your skin. Once ten minutes have gone by, put these spoons – which will be very cold – and put them on your dark circles for 10 seconds. Remove them and rest for ten seconds and then put them back on. Do this five times. As a result, you will lower inflammation and make them disappear.

3. How Do I Give My Hair Volume and Shine?

Coconut oil

This has surely happened to you once. You wake up and see your hair dull and lifeless, dry and not looking good at all. Are you going to leave the house like that. You would certainly like to show it off a little more beautiful. An easy and affordable remedy is to do a coconut oil and natural yogurt mask. If you have it already made at home, you will finish getting ready much sooner in the morning. Just mix a teaspoon of coconut oil with natural yogurt. Its regenerative properties and antioxidants will take care of your hair and give it great shine. Apply it for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, and then also apply a half glass of apple cider vinegar with a half glass of water. You can do a massage for 10 minutes and rinse it again. The results are amazing.

4. How Can I Brighten My Face?


Everyone knows it. You look at your reflection of in the mirror almost every morning a a tired face, without light, and with barely any tone. You look sad. How can you avoid this? How can you leave the house with a better appearance? Don’t worry, we will give you a very easy top that you can do easily everyday.

When you have stomach pain, are tired, or something has made you feel bad, drink chamomile. How about you remove the shadow of fatigue from your face also with chamomile? There is a recipe that is as simple as it is effective. It gives you brightness, tone, hydration… How? Very simple. Boil a cup of water, put two bags in the teapot, and when it is boiling, let sit. When it is cold, put it on your face as if it were a facial toner. Let sit and rinse with water.

We should also mention that a good diet will always improve your skin’s health. So, you should include a good amount of vitamins C and B in your diet. You can get them from natural orange, lemon, and grapefruit based juices, a kiwi and strawberry salad, as well as all leafy green vegetables. Your diet is also a reflection of your beauty.

5. Do You Wake Up with Bad Breath?


It happens sometimes, especially in the morning. You have a strange taste in your mouth and notice that you have bad breath. You have barely any time and have to leave the house in a few minutes. What should you do? You can chew a cilantro or spearmint leaf for five minutes. They are antibacterial and will help you get rid of your bad breath.

You will leave the house glowing with these simple tips.