Do You Know the Six Foods with the Most Toxins?

Fish, red meat and daily products are the foods with the highest content of toxins.  Therefore, it is advisable to control your consumption of these foods and include healthy habits in our daily lives.
Do You Know the Six Foods with the Most Toxins?
Maria Patricia Pinero Corredor

Written and verified by the nutritionist Maria Patricia Pinero Corredor.

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Our bodies absorb thousands of toxins every day that come from the foods that we eat.  These can be added chemicals, natural toxins, or even the way the foods been modified.

Do you want to know the foods with the most toxins? Learn more in this article.

Having high quantities of toxins in our bodies can cause the following:

  • Changes in the intestinal flora
  • Change in the immune system
  • Fluid retention
  • Insomnia
  • Poor absorption of nutrients

Even though we can’t do much as far as the food itself is concerned, what we can do is eat foods that have less of these toxins.
Did you know that there are foods that have a very high amount of harmful substances?  If you didn’t know this, we’re going to list 6 foods that add toxins to your body.

Foods with the most toxins

As we mentioned earlier, these foods that are high in toxins are harmful, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop eating them.

Simply eat them in moderation.

It’s important to know that if you have a diet high in toxins, you need to balance it with exercise, fruits and vegetables that help to purify your body and maintain a balance of nutrients.


Meat is high in toxins due to the amount of hormones and other substances it contains, such as clembuterol and elbenzopirene.

It has been proven that these additives are carcinogenics. Because of this, they increase your probability of contracting leukemia or stomach tumors.

2. Tuna

Tuna is one of the foods with the most toxins

Even though tuna is healthy and tasty, it contains high levels of mercury.  This can end up degenerating the nervous system, especially in fetuses.

One of the reasons for toxins is due to poor refrigeration and preservatives.

3. Milk

Whole cow’s milk is especially toxic.  During the pasteurization process, the milk acquires a considerable quantity of toxins.

Milk, although pasteurized, contains approximately 60 hormones, dioxins, and antibiotics that promote the development of cancer.

4. Corn


Corn is the second food with the highest content of mercury, after seafood.

When the corn is cut and doesn’t dry correctly, it’s contaminated with aflatoxin.

This group of chemical compounds, derived principally from fungus, are in great part the principal causes of cancer and malnutrition in people. 

5. Cheese, eggs, and dairy products

The case of cow’s milk is exactly what occurs with these foods.

Dairy products contain the same toxins that their primary ingredient (milk) contains. In addition, they can contain more of these thanks to the other processes that are carried out.

Those that are found on this list are, more than anything, high in fats. Examples are cheddar and ricotta cheese.

6. Canned foods

Canned foods

Canned foods have always been a little bit suspicious because of the chemicals they are used for preservation. 

Lately, studies have found that the majority of cans have coatings with traces of bisfenol.

This substance has been known to cause diabetes and obesity.

Avoid and eliminate the accumulation of toxins

It’s true that there are many foods that are high in toxins. Nevertheless, there is also a long and extensive list of foods that serve to eliminate them and purify the body. 

Among the indicated we find the following:

There are many others. We recommend eating them at each meal to create a balanced diet.

Avoid eating in excess

Whether you’re eating healthy food or junk food, overeating is very harmful to your liver, kidneys and intestines.

When eating too much, it makes our body work doubly hard. It makes it difficult to eliminate toxins and it interferes with digestion.

Control salt

Salt is harmful for your kidneys

Salt is harmful for the kidneys, so it’s recommended to eat foods low in salt.


Exercise is an excellent method to eliminate toxins, thanks to perspiration.

It also keeps you healthy and in shape.

Avoid constipation

Avoid constipation

This is a way to free yourself of a lot of waste in the body. If you suffer from constipation, be sure and exercise, eat fiber, and drink a lot of water to go to the bathroom regularly. 

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