9 Exercises to Enhance Your Buttocks Fast

Consistency is crucial when following a routine to enhance the buttocks. As you can see, a healthy wellness routine can not only keep you healthy but improve your figure.
9 Exercises to Enhance Your Buttocks Fast
Carlos Fabián Avila

Written and verified by Doctor Carlos Fabián Avila.

Last update: 22 August, 2022

The best exercises to enhance buttocks must be part of your routine to obtain good results. You’ve never tried them? It might be time to reconsider, then.

If you want firm, toned and attractive buttocks, you should start designing a good exercise routine. To help you with this, you can consult a professional trainer.

But remember, perseverance and dedication are key throughout the process. So, the more regular your exercise routine is, the better results you can get. There’s no point in getting into it one afternoon and not getting back to it for a week or a month.

The best exercises to enhance your buttocks

Lunges with dumbbells to get bigger glutes quickly.

Your glutes aren’t just one muscle. In fact, they’re composed of three muscles. Thus, you should opt for an exercise that works all of them at once. So, we’ll explain more.

The glutes are divided into 3 musclesthe gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus.

  • The largest muscle of the three and the one that determines the general size of your glutes is called the gluteus maximus
  • The gluteus medius is above the gluteus maximus
  • The gluteus minimus is below, at the very bottom of the gluteus maximus. It’s responsible for the round form of your glutes

Random exercises don’t necessarily work all 3 muscles. Because of this, it’s fundamental to do routines that specifically target all three for best results.

Exercises to build bigger, stronger buttocks

These are some of the best exercises to get bigger glutes easily. Incorporate them into your routine and combine them with a good cardio session for better results.

1. Deadlift

As experts point out, the deadlift is one of the best exercises to work the gluteus maximus. It can be done with or without weights, but it’s best to use dumbbells or barbells.

  • Tilt your hips backward by slightly bending your legs
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then release
  • It’s important that, when you return to the starting position, you contract the gluteus for it to be effective
  • If you use weights, place them in front of you with your arms stretched out or at your sides
  • Perform 10 to 15 repetitions in sets of five

2. Squats, the best exercises to enhance your buttocks

This is the best known exercise to increase the size of the gluteus. There are many positions to perform proper squats.

We recommend you start doing squats, without weight, and then start adding it little by little, to put more pressure on the muscles. Let’s see how to do a classic squat:

  • The correct way to perform a squat is to stand up straight, preferably with your legs wide apart
  • Bend your knees, without going over the tips of your toes, while pulling your hips slightly back
  • Lower as far as you can and return to the start
  • Repeat about 10 times in sets of five
  • If you feel like you’re exerting force on your legs, open them wider. It’ll allow even more work for the gluteal and quadriceps areas.

3. Sumo squat

A woman exercising.

This exercise is perfect for toning the inner gluteal muscles. Also known as the sumo squat, it’s so named because it mimics the sumo wrestlers’ pre-bout position.

You can perform it with weights on both sides, either a dumbbell or barbell, or directly by placing a single weight between your legs apart.

  • Stand up straight, with your back straight, and spread your legs apart
  • Bend your knees until they’re horizontal and then lower them with the help of the weight
  • Ideally, you should feel pressure on your buttocks as you lower
  • Repeat about 10 times in sets of five

4. Jumping squat

This is a variation of the squat. It differs in that, at the time of rising, the knees are stretched making a jump.

Push yourself up to make the jump, rest about 10 seconds and go back down to complete a series of five minutes.

Also known as jump squat, specialists also recommend it to improve endurance and muscle strength. So, with the help of them you can improve your overall fitness, which will help you better execute the exercises to increase the buttocks.

5. Lunges

This exercise is one of the most effective and provides the best results. You can do the classic variant based on the following instructions:

  • Stand up straight, with your back straight and pretend to take a step, stretching your leg forward
  • Use a dumbbell or a barbell and hold it in your arms and then, bend your knees, lower, and come back up without getting out of position
  • Perform 10 repetitions in sets of five

6. Hip thrusts can enhance your buttocks

A woman following a workout to enhance her buttocks.

This is one of the best exercises to train all the muscles that comprise the buttocks. Hip thrusts can be done both at home and in the gym. In addition, they allow you to add weight and adjust to the level of training.

  • Sit on the floor with legs semi-flexed and feet hip-width apart
  • Rest the bottom of the shoulder blade on a couch or gym bench
  • Bend your neck and fix your gaze on a specific point in front of your eyes
  • Then, raise your hips as far as possible and contract your buttocks
  • Hold this position for a second and then lower slowly, controlling the weight
  • The knees should form a 90 degree angle when raising the hips and should be in the same vertical line with the ankles
  • Do five sets of 10-12 repetitions

Hip raises should be done with the muscles of the legs and buttocks, not the back, to avoid injury. If you wish to include weight in the exercise, make sure the bar or dumbbells are in the center of the hips to maintain balance.

7. Side step with bands

Do you have a pair of exercise bands at home? You can use them to your advantage to quickly enhance your buttocks. This is an underrated exercise because most people assume it’s too easy to do. However, the banded side step requires all of the gluteal muscles and some of the hip muscles.

The exercise is also known as banded side step, and you can do it at home without taking up much space. Before you learn how to do it, we recommend adjusting the band to the height of your calves. As you perfect the technique you can lower it to the height of your ankles, as doing so requires more effort and resistance on your part.

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Place the resistance band at or slightly below your knees
  • Bend your knees and hips slightly while keeping your back straight
  • Finally, do a side step with your right leg while keeping your left leg flat on the floor
  • When your right leg completes the movement, do the same with your left leg
  • Then, do a new repetition starting the whole process on your opposite flank
  • If you wish, you can stretch your hands out in front of you, in a boxer’s stance, for balance
  • Stretch the band as much as your physical condition allows

8. Enhance your buttocks with gorilla squats

You may have heard of these under the name gorilla squats. They are more demanding than they sound, so much so that their intensity is on a medium-high scale. Take note on how to do this exercise correctly:

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and pointing slightly outward
  • Place your arms hanging naturally in front of you
  • With your back straight and your gaze fixed forward, do a squat until your knuckles touch the floor
  • Complete three sets of 12 repetitions each
  • As you gain endurance you can open your legs wider and wider, so that during the exercise you also work the inside of your legs

9. Donkey kicks

A woman doing back leg lifts.

Let’s continue with other exercises to increase the buttocks at home, this time with the classic donkey kicks. Also known as donkey kicks, with their help you also work the muscles of the hips and abdomen. Let’s see how to do them correctly:

  • Stand on the floor in a four-legged position
  • When doing so, make sure your knees are at the same level as your hips and your hands are shoulder-width apart and keep your back straight
  • Start the movement by lifting your right leg up, with the knee bent and your foot flat
  • When you do the lift, your other foot shouldn’t leave the ground, and your hip and pelvis shouldn’t arch in the process
  • Return to the starting position and do the same with the other leg
  • We recommend completing four sets of 20 repetitions each

Have you tried any exercises to enhance your buttocks?

Men and women of all ages, with or without cellulitis, worry about their physical condition for health reasons, but also because they want to look good. Most of us can relate.

One of the biggest challenges of starting an exercise routine is staying motivated and maintaining a positive outlook. But now that you know the five best exercises to build stronger buttocks, it may be easier. So start designing a routine that’ll help you reach your goal and get started!

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