Check Out These 10 Small Plants with Striking Leaves

Find out which small plants with striking leaves you can have at home. Most of them are very easy to care for and you will love them.
Check Out These 10 Small Plants with Striking Leaves

Last update: 24 December, 2023

In this article, we want to tell you about some small plants with very striking leaves. In addition to filling your home with color and nature, they will act as decorative objects that will attract the attention of those who visit you. In fact, they do all of this without the need for flowers!

These indoor plants without flowers steal attention and attract joy to the home, as their leaves are striking thanks to the shapes and colors they have. So, discover them with us!

10 small plants with striking leaves

1. Anthurium clarinervium

Anthurium clarinervium is a variety of anthurium, as its name lets you know. It’s on this list of small plants with striking leaves because its leaves are a dark and intense green color with white nerves that protrude quite a bit, creating different figures.

This plant comes from the tropical forests of Mexico and its leaves have a very particular shape, in the form of a heart, from which its flowers emerge. Furthermore, it’s also known as “velvet cardboard anthurium.”

Anthurium clarinervium es una de las plantas pequeñas con hojas llamativas.
Anthurium clarinervium.

2. Alocasia polly

Alocasia polly has overly showy veins on its leaves that stand out among its dark green color. This tone is located only on the main side, since on the back, the leaves are reddish.

Because of its shape, it is also known as “mini elephant ear”. It’s native to Central and South America, so it is quite sensitive to cold, being a tropical plant. Also, one of its main cares lies in offering it spaces with plenty of light.

3. Croton

Striking leaves
The croton plant is one of the small plants with the most striking leaves, as they often exceed 3 colors in a single specimen.

The croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is a very resistant and small plant, which will stand out wherever you place it in your home for its beautiful colors. The more indirect light it receives the more color its leaves will have.

This plant does not flower, but it has a great variety of shades, between red, yellow, green and pink for the veins.

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4. Peperomia

Peperomia doesn’t have such varied colors in its leaves, but they are round and very fleshy, changing between the range of green. Its shape, size, and texture are what make it such a striking plant to have indoors.

This is a cold-sensitive plant and it doesn’t enjoy direct sunlight at all. Since it enjoys dark spaces and retains water, it should be watered sparingly. It can also be a hanging plant.

5. Fittonia

Fittonia, known in some countries as “abre caminos” or ” cucarachita” in South America, is one of the smallest plants with showy leaves we have for you. It has inverted drop-shaped leaves with white veins that stand out among its green or red colors, creating a much-appreciated contrast.

It grows downward, so it’s best to have it in a pot that allows it to be appreciated. Many consider it a very needy plant, because when it’s not watered on time, it looks wilted, even though it really isn’t. When this happens, just add a little water and that’s it: it will return to its original form!

Fittonia verschaffelti.
Fittonia verschaffelti.

6. Spider plant’s leaves are truly striking

The spider or ribbon plant is a beautiful houseplant. It’s known as “bad mother” because its offspring grow on a stick left over after flowering, detached from the original bush. This easy to care for plant has leaves that highlight its flowers more; they’re light green and can be grown in water or soil.

To develop properly, it needs watering twice a week during the summer and once a week in winter. It also requires a high dose of light, without it being direct light.

7. Begonia Rex

Las Begonia rex tiene dos variedades de todos: verde con blanco y verde con rojo o rosado.
Begonia rex has two varieties of shades: green with white and green with red or pink.

Among the family of begonias, we find Begonia Rex, one of the most beautiful small plants with striking leaves. Also, the leaves are elongated and of an intense dark green color, which stands out with its light green and white center. There are specimens that have the same characteristics, but in shades of red.

Its care is basic, as stated by the University of Florida. Furthermore, it requires indirect light and moderate watering that includes spraying the leaves as well. Although it is very beautiful and ideal to have indoors, it’s not a good idea for homes where there are children and pets, since it’s toxic to them.

8. Corinocarpus is a plant with striking leaves

Corinocarpus is a houseplant that stands out for the color of its leaves. They’re small but elongated and have a white and cream color in their outline. While it grows quite a bit, you can prune it to keep it in keeping with the space you have at home.

It should also be noted that the leaves are quite fleshy, as the plant stores water in them. It’s very hardy, so you won’t have to worry about more in its care.

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9. Rhoeo

This is one of the small plants with very striking leaves that we want to recommend. Its leaves are eye-catching because they’re dark green and deep purple on the reverse side.

It has a short stem from which spear-shaped leaves grow, reaching 30 centimeters in length. Moreover, at the intersection between the stem and the leaves grow white flowers. Its colors definitely make it the center of attention.

A plant with striking leaves.
Tradescantia spathacea (Roheo).

10. Rosary has striking leaves

The rosary plant is beautiful, and its leaves have a very small round shape. Furthermore, each rod has many leaves, giving the sensation of being a falling rosary.

Although its greatest attraction is precisely its fleshy leaves, in which the plant stores water, delicate white flowers are also born from this plant.

This succulent can be kept indoors and outdoors, as it supports a variety of climates. However, it requires moderate watering and filtered sunlight.

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