6 Characteristics of a True Friend

Even though we can spend years apart, a true friend makes it feel like no time has passed at all.
6 Characteristics of a True Friend

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Do you try to surround yourself with good people? Do you think of yourself as a true friend?

We all need people to join us on our journey in life. It doesn’t matter if they are physically with us or not. They motivate us to be better people. They listen to us when we need it most. Today, we want to talk about some of the characteristics of a true friend.

1. Listens without judging

A true friend listening to another friend without judgement

People have a tendency to help others by sharing their feelings and opinions. However, many times, they share too much and end up giving criticism.

True friends know that malicious criticism hurts the person who is looking for support and understanding. They know that listening is an act of generosity. Also, even though they give advice, they don’t want to be the only influence on those who come to them.

A true friend helps and supports without hoping to change anything. They know that listening means hearing and understanding the context in its entirety. This means listening and giving advice without judging.

2. Cares about arguments

Friends argue. Don’t think for a minute that true friends will always be happy with you. They also won’t be happy with you when you have a bad attitude.

A good friend will give you their honest opinion. If they believe that the other person has done something wrong, they’ll say it to their face. However, this might lead to an argument.

Just remember, don’t make the mistake of taking offense to constructive criticism or ideas and opinions that differ from your own. Arguing isn’t fighting. As it results, arguing is a healthy activity.

Many times it is even necessary for our personal relationships. It’s important to be able to tell a loved one what is wrong and to be able to receive criticism. As a friend, the least you can do is be as sincere as possible.

3. Worries about their friends

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do my friends only show up when they need something from me?” When you start to think like this about one of your friends, you start to lose confidence in them. And then slowly, the relationship starts to weaken.

Unfortunately, you will find that people who aren’t really your friends only want one of two things. Either they want to party and want to make bad choices with you or they only want something from you. This is a reality you won’t necessarily like, but it’s one you should understand is very possible.

Fortunately, it also works the other way around. This means that you will always find another true friend who will be there for you. We mean friends who will always support you and be happy to see you grow.

With these true friends, although you may not see them for months or even years, the relationship will be the same as if you were apart no time at all. This is what real friendship is about.

4. They’re always there

Personal differences, arguments, time, and distance won’t take a true friend from you. On the contrary, they’ll work to make sure that bad situations don’t end the relationship. Did you have a bad argument? They’ll try to find you and talk to sort everything out.

Did you go to work or study in another country? They’ll make sure you don’t lose contact with them or any loved ones. Friendship should be nourished. It needs us to take care of it to keep it strong.

Because of this, it’s necessary to be present and participate in important moments in other people’s lives. Therefore, celebrate your friends’ victories without feeling envy or jealousy. Suffer with them when they are defeated. And finally, give them a shoulder to cry on during difficult times.

Sometimes, it’s impossible to be there for them physically. However, a true friend will always find a way to be in the other’s life.

5. Trusts in each other

A true friend confiding in another friend

Gossip and malicious comments from other people can affect any friendship. The difference between temporary friends and true friends is that true friends know how to trust. They know that there are mean people who can distort ideas. Ultimately, they don’t believe what others say about their friends.

If you want to keep your relationship healthy, you need to learn to listen to your friends. If you have a doubt, ask them directly without beating around the bush.

Don’t spread thoughts, secret failures, gossip, or negative comments. Also, don’t distance yourself after the first negative comment the other person makes.

6. They are sincere and faithful

A true friend is faithful in any circumstance. They don’t say bad things about other people and they won’t let anyone say bad things about their friends. Likewise, they defend you when they think it’s necessary. But they also give you space to solve your own problems.

They also don’t use criticism to tell you that you’re wrong. They explain their motives clearly. This lets you make your own decisions and own up to your failures. When you do, they will be there to keep you company and help you confront your circumstances better.

If this all sounds like one of your true friends, let them know what a true friend they are!

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