What Are the Causes of Tingling Skin and How Can You Cure It?

08 February, 2019
What's that strange, itchy tingle? Learn about the causes of tingling skin and how to treat it in this article!

Have you ever heard of paraesthesia? This is the name given for tingling in the skin, or the feeling that a bug is walking along the epidermis.

If you experience this sensation on a regular basis, we recommend that you see a doctor, as it can be a symptom of some serious diseases. Among them are multiple sclerosis and other disorders that are related to a malfunction of the nervous system.

However, there are other less critical causes and you should still pay attention to them. Do you want to know what they are?

The many possible causes for tingling skin

Poor circulation

Red blood cells circulating through a vein

If this is the cause of your problem, you might want to consider yourself lucky: the tingling in your skin has served as a warning sign. As you know, problems with circulation can cause a significant amount of damage. From now on, you should start taking better care of yourself.

Skin tingling due to bad circulation occurs when your blood is too thick or your arteries are clogged. It can make it difficult for the blood to flow normally. It’s similar to what happens when you have a garden hose that’s clogged or the water flowing through it is mixed with sand.

Restless leg syndrome

In general, this syndrome typically hides kidney diseases, anemia, or diabetes and results in a neurological condition.

Your brain requires blood to function, so when it doesn’t have enough, it may stop working properly.

One of the signs is the sensation that your limbs are falling asleep.

A lack of vitamins and minerals

Fruits and vegetables to prevent tingling skin

Vitamins and minerals are essential for nourishing your muscles and other tissues.

When you don’t get enough of these things, you’ll notice you’re especially sensitive. When you lack nutrients you also run out of energy sooner. The fatigue can manifest itself through tingling in the skin.

Again, you can see how your body fights back when you lack something important.

How to cure tingling skin


Swimming is one of the best exercises that exists, especially for circulation, considering that it works your entire body.

It’s a low-impact activity, making it a good choice for almost everyone. It also raises your heart rate and stimulates blood flow, helping you maintain mobility for a long time. This activates your circulatory system and helps ensure that your body receives the nutrition it needs.

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Woman doing yoga

Gravity can keep the blood from reaching certain places, particularly when it must travel upwards or horizontally.

Yoga poses can facilitate its movement in these directions as your body changes position. It’s also not an aggressive activity so it poses little risk, as long as you respect the proper technique of the poses.

Increase your intake of vitamins and minerals

All natural foods can give you something positive. That means you won’t have to resort to supplements.

Everything you need is in the food you eat. You just need to learn how to choose the best ingredients for your recipes, typically:

  • Vegetables
  • Eggs
  • Fatty fish
  • Liver

It’s true that there are certain basic elements that are essential for any diet. Plus, the most desirable diets adapt to meet the demands of your particular body. In this sense, it’s best to consider your food as a kind of medicine: what do you need for your body to function well and which foods will provide that?

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If you take this approach, your life will improve. You’ll be eating much smarter and will have better well-being all around.

If you combine exercise with a healthy diet, the tingling sensation in your skin will improve or disappear. That’s a fact.

Remember, however, to visit your doctor if you’re experiencing this phenomenon on a regular basis. Then you can combine your prescribed treatment with these measures. The combination of both therapies will provide you with considerable relief.

This will also keep your body youthful and healthy, as these steps act as excellent barriers to bacteria and microbes.

Let us know how you’re feeling after you follow this advice!