What Causes Hand and Wrist Pain?

· November 16, 2014

Hand pain is a very common reality, especially for women. Your hands and wrist may fall sleep at night or experience swelling, numbness or weakness, and it can even result in not being able to use them in some cases. We will explain the causes that normally determine this problem and possible remedies that you should keep in mind.

Your hand, although it may surprise you, is one of the most complex areas of your body: it has 19 bones, 17 joints, and 19 muscles. If one of these parts has a problem, it will definitely affect all the movements that you do with them. Here are the causes of these pains.

Hand and Wrist Pain: Why Does it Affect Women More?



This is one of the more common problems: hand and wrist pain, joint pain, unbearable tingling at night. All of that is due to a degenerative disease that women are more vulnerable to. Your cartilage, bones, and joints end up wearing down before men’s do, women are likely to have a lack of calcium, and the hormone factor can also cause this pain when you approach menopause. There is the hereditary factor as well. Your hands are always moving and before they start getting worn down, their joint complexity makes the slightest problem end up changing the best functioning of your hand.

Causes of Hand and Wrist Pain

Thumb Arthritis



This happens when there is inflammation due to Arthrosis in the joint area of the wrist and base of the thumb. It tends to happen when you are around 40, it may be due to your job, from forcing this joint a lot which ends in it wearing down, or even from stress. It is painful and prevents you from being able to have proper mobility.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


It usually starts with unexplainable pain or discomfort in your wrist. Little by little it extends throughout your whole hand up to your arm. It causes tingling and numbness in your fingers at night. You may feel weak when you pick up objects or lose fine motor skills (holding or handling small things). Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common problem among women. Sometimes it may be due to working for a long time on a keyboard, any action that involves squeezing your hand continuously, or moving your fingers a lot. But normally it has a hereditary aspect that is related to wear and tear.

Ganglion Cyst


Small bulges filled with liquid will appear on the joints of your wrists or fingers. They are normally located on your tendons and although they aren’t extremely painful, they are uncomfortable and cause weakness. The origin of ganglion cysts is not known but it is associated with Arthrosis or small lesions covered by joints or tendons. The treatment depends on the patient, sometimes they will administer anti-inflammatories, or it may even go away on its own. In other cases it requires a small intervention to get rid of the liquid, although this doesn’t guarantee that it won’t come back.

Trigger Finger


This is very common and painful. It happens when a finger stays in a bent position and you can’t straighten it. It is due to a hardening of the covering or sheath that surrounds the tendon of the finger. Trigger Finger tends to often appear in people that do manual jobs, repetitive tasks, where the hand ends up suffering from it. Because you are more likely to suffer from arthritis or inflammation in your muscles and tendons, it is common for this problem to happen in your fingers.

Wrist Tendinitis


its symptoms are very common and almost everyone has felt it once: swelling located a centimeter under the base of your thumb, pain when pinching your fingers together, squeezing, or doing any other movement. Tendinitis tends to be due to a wrong movement, lifting too much, etc. The inflammation is very painful and can extend throughout your arm.

Instructions and Remedies

Hand and wrist pain, if it is due to joint problems related to arthritis, is very difficult to solve. Sometimes only surgery can give you the results you want. However, you can get functionality and a better quality of life. Your doctor should always be the one to diagnose you and give you the instructions to follow. We can just offer you simple actions for your nutrition so that you can use them to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Linseed Oil

This is a natural remedy that will help reduce inflammation. According to experts, consuming a tablespoon of linseed oil every morning for a month will notably reduce inflammation.

Vitamin B6

This is essential for your joints, bones, and tendons. It prevents inflammation and alleviates many symptoms of hand and wrist pain. You can eat banana, leafy vegetables, and chicken breasts. You can also find vitamin B6 in pill form at pharmacies and natural stores. Take 2 mg a day.

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are abundant in a lot of fish. Due to the great anti-inflammatory capability that they have, they are essential for naturally treating osteoarthritis. They also reduce joint pain.


Many studies are finding evidence that eating cherries reduces osteoarthritis pain, which promotes mobility (if you eat them for two months). Eating ten cherries a day is highly recommended. If you can’t find them or if they are too expensive, they are coming out with them in pill form for people with joint or inflammatory problems.