Casemiro's Training that Took Him to the Highest Level at Real Madrid

Casemiro is one of the most valued central midfielders in the world. To reach his highest level, the Brazilian gets special training. Learn all about it here!
Casemiro's Training that Took Him to the Highest Level at Real Madrid

Last update: 10 November, 2022

With his recent transfer to Manchester United for 70 million euros, Casemiro has become one of the most expensive sales in the history of Real Madrid. In his nine seasons with Los Blancos, and largely thanks to his training, he has won many titles and left a mark on the Santiago Bernabeu field.

And the mark is not only metaphorical. The fact is that Casemiro is a player who stands out for his deployment all over the field, with an aerobic capacity and a location that makes him a dog of prey for whoever carries the ball.

His presence has been key to achieving no less than 5 Champions Leagues, 3 Spanish leagues, 3 FIFA Club World Cups, and 3 Spanish Super Cups with Real Madrid. The training routines he has followed over the years have allowed him to reach and remain at the highest level.

Casemiro’s different training routines

Beyond his undoubted quality and his contribution to his team’s soccer, Casemiro has an impressive physical capacity. To achieve this form, the Brazilian uses various methods – apart from his club sessions – to work on specific areas of his body. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of them.

Casemiro's training
 Intermittent hypoxia, core work, and cross-training are some of the keys to Casemiro’s physique and maintaining his high sporting level.

Training with intermittent hypoxia

One of the most striking methodologies that Casemiro has shown is intermittent hypoxia. It consists of the use of a mask, also called a training mask. This is placed over the mouth and nose to breathe through it.

The training mask measures and regulates the oxygen that enters and leaves the body during physical activity. Its task is to simulate the conditions of training at an altitude, which favors the acceleration of metabolism and the generation of red blood cells, which are key to transporting oxygen in the blood and transforming it into carbon dioxide.

Casemiro’s training routine for his core

The core – that is, the middle zone region comprising the abdominal muscles and lower back – is key to any athlete’s performance. Among other benefits, strengthening it translates into more stability, balance, and strength.

If there’s one thing the now Manchester United midfielder cannot be accused of, it’s neglecting his core. As he himself has shown on his social networks, he’s capable of performing extremely complex exercises for this musculature.

For example, he has recorded himself using the abdominal wheel… on a treadmill! In another video, the Brazilian player can be seen doing the abdominal plank on a Swiss ball floating in a swimming pool. Truly, this speaks of an exceptional ability with this region of the body.

He has also been seen doing a lower abdominal exercise with a barbell with weights. To do this, he lays face up on the floor with a barbell held behind his headline. From that position with his arms, he performs the movement of raising and lowering his legs without bending his knees. Can you do it?

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Coordination, another ability that Casemiro trains

One more sample of Casemiro’s physical ability has to do with his coordination. In this sense, he has shown his exercises combining a soccer ball and a tennis ball. In these exercises, he has even worn glasses to hinder his vision. In fact, you can even see this exercise being done by the player himself in an Instagram post.

Cross-training also takes place in his routines. In fact, he has starred in many funny moments while playing basketball. Although he didn’t show off his three-point shooting skills, he did show off his leaping ability by scoring some impressive dunks.

So, why is it good to cross-train? Cross-training – which consists of practicing a different discipline from the one you usually do – allows you to generate new stimuli in your muscles and thus prevents them from getting too used to the same demands.

Casemiro's training
At 30 years old, Casemiro maintains an outstanding sporting performance. Hence, several teams seek to have him among their ranks.

Casemiro’s training keeps him at the top

Considering the commitment and discipline that this footballer puts into taking care of his body, it’s no surprise that he remains in top shape at 30 years of age. And not only that, but big European teams are vying to have him on their rosters.

Another important fact that shows his physical condition is the number of injuries he has suffered. With an average of one injury per season, only two minor muscular injuries have appeared. His maximum time off the field was due to a fissured fibula that left him 60 days without activity.

With all of the above, Casemiro and his training sessions are just another example of what commitment and attention to detail can achieve. Now with Manchester United, he will look to continue in the elite of world soccer with the incredible performance he has grown accustomed to.

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