How to Care for Your Kidneys and Bladder

Drinking detox juices and taking a short break from eating certain foods are a couple of ways you can better care for your kidneys and bladder.
How to Care for Your Kidneys and Bladder

Last update: 20 May, 2022

The kidneys and bladder are essential organs in our body.  They’re not only fundamental for the urinary system but they also form part of the lymphatic system. They work together with the liver to eliminate toxins from our body and waste products from our cells.

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When we talk about toxins, for example, we must keep in mind how vulnerable we tend to be to these external and internal elements. This is because our bloodstream can be invaded by food toxins, pesticides, environmental pollution, and even stress.

If you have anxiety, for example, you’re more likely to suffer from higher levels of toxins.

The kidneys and liver are essential for winning this battle against impurities. Along with the bladder, the kidneys eliminate urine, so they should always be well cared for and in good health in order to prevent infection.

The Most Common Kidney and Bladder Problems

  • Problems with vesicle control: incontinence, or retention deficits.
  • Infections
  • Difficulty filtering blood correctly
  • Changes in the bladder wall (can no longer hold as much urine as before)
  • Urethra blockage

When Should I Consult a Doctor?

See a doctor immediately if you:

  • think you may have a urinary tract infection.
  • have a fever, chills, vomiting, or extreme exhaustion.
  • feel the urge to continually urinate
  • feel pain during urination

Guidelines for Caring for Your Kidneys and Bladder

Watching your diet is something basic and essential for maintaining the kidneys and bladder in good health.  Next, we will provide you with a few appropriate guidelines to keep in mind and to apply to your dietary habits.

Clean Your Kidneys and Bladder Every Three Days

Giving our kidneys a rest every three days is supposed to lengthen our lives. Additionally, proper kidney function also help protect the health of our bladders.

Every three days, eliminate the following foods from your diet:

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar-sweetened drink and caffeinated drinks
  • Foods very high in proteins
  • Salt

The reason behind this is that these foods irritate and make our kidneys work twice as hard as normal.

Great Juices for Kidneys and Bladder

  • Blueberry juice has antioxidant powers and protects the urinary system, prevents infections, and prevents bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.  It cleans our kidneys and bladder and must be consumed daily.
  • Carrot juice, besides being very tasty and refreshing, is perfect for purifying the blood and facilitates kidney function.
Carrot juice helps kidneys and bladder function properly
  • Grape juice is a marvelous source of minerals.  It helps us eliminate uric acid, and promotes a healthy heart rate.

Healthy Vegetables for Kidneys and Bladder

Cut celery juice kidneys and bladder

We must keep one very important piece of information in mind: eating raw fruits and vegetables is a truly indispensable aspect. Not only do they provide us with live enzymes that are lost during cooking but they are also essential for the body’s cleansing process.

Therefore, we recommend that you always consume raw fruits and vegetables when possible.  Below, we will list a few great vegetables for caring for our kidneys and bladder.

  • Asparagus: contain diuretic properties that stimulate kidney function, eliminating toxins and stimulating urine evacuation
  • Spinach: rich in minerals, detoxify the body and help cleanse the kidneys
  • Celery: perfect for salads or even as an infusion, diuretic and rich in minerals
  • Beets: excellent kidney detoxifier
  • White beans: stimulate proper kidney function

Herbs for Kidneys and Bladder

  • Nettle and dandelion: diuretic, clean the kidneys and eliminate uric acid
  • Parsley: can be consumed raw or as an infusion, cleans the kidneys. To make an infusion: boil a handful of parsley for 10 minutes in 2 liters of water. Strain and store in the fridge. Drink it within 5 days and then take a break for a week.  This will cleanse our kidneys and will eliminate any residual salt from the walls.

We must remember that the health of our kidneys and bladder depends on our diet.  Avoid foods high in fat, salt, alcohol, and sweets. These foods make our kidneys stop filtering and purifying our blood correctly. As a result, we could suffer from kidney stones or have heart problems.

Taking care of our health is essential for improving quality of life. Therefore, we should pay extra attention to our diet. Additionally, include a few of the foods we have talked about.

If you do this and also some daily exercise, avoid stress and try to relax more, you will notice positive changes. Without a doubt, it’s worth it!

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