Is it True That the Moon Can Affect Your Life?

They say that the earth's natural satellite influences you, not only physically, but also emotionally. This starts in childhood and continues throughout your whole life. Find out more in this article.
Is it True That the Moon Can Affect Your Life?

Last update: 15 December, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself if the moon can affect your life? Have you ever noticed that the lunar cycles can notably change your personality and mood?

Potential Ways in Which the Moon Can Affect Your Life

The moon is more than our planet’s only satellite. It is a huge mystery for various reasons.

It’s present in our entire existence and you should know a little bit more about it in order to take advantage of its benefits.

A study conducted at Basel University in Switzerland showed that the moon has a great influence on the perception of sleep since it can be subjective or objective according to the lunar cycle.

That is why the days when you’re closest to the full moon, your cerebral activity related to deep sleep reduces by 30%. It also takes longer to fall asleep, and you don’t sleep as long.

How the moon can affect your life

The moon’s position determines the influence that it can have. Here’s how the moon can affect your life, potentially:

New Moon

New moons happen when the satellite is in conjunction with the sun and it begins a new cycle.

This is the best time to set new goals. This applies not only to future projects but also for quitting smoking and other bad habits, starting a new diet, detoxing, etc.

In the psychological sense, your mind may have more self-control and become more serene in order to overcome the shortages because of changes in habits. This allows it to eliminate excess more easily.

It could also help with meditation, detoxing your body, trimming trees or sick plants, and cutting your hair if you want it to grow faster.

That’s why this isn’t a great time for removing body hair.

The new moon is also great a time for exploring hidden parts of your consciousness. This phase lasts for no more than 2 to 3 days.

Crescent Moon

When the moon grows brighter, your body may also begin “absorbing” everything more quickly and in larger quantities.

During this phase, your body may assimilate any substance or events differently, which is why it is great for beginning a vitamin routine.

Be careful though, because it’s also a risk period for gaining weight. Unless this is your goal, in which case, more power to you!

The crescent moon may be good for recovering shortages. If you eat unhealthy foods and gain weight, your body might resist going back to normal. 

That’s why we don’t suggest drinking alcohol during this time. Its effects can potentially be even more harmful.

If you want your hair and nails to grow longer, this is the time to cut them. Applying ointments, gels, or creams to regenerate hair is great because your skin may be even more receptive.

Detoxes could be more difficult and persistent.

This phase lasts around 13 days. We suggest doing activities that are revitalizing and/or strengthening.

In regard to the financial side of things, they say that it’s supposedly a good time to ask for a loan, look for a job, sell, or invest. It could also be an even better time to meet new people and arrange partnerships.

On another note, this may not be a good phase during which to trim fruit trees.

Full Moon

This happens when the moon is opposite the sun and is full of light.

Body tissues are under great pressure and this may also cause distant feelings.

This means that the human being’s instinctive side supposedly “wakes up” during this phase (which is why, according to popular belief, the werewolf appears during full moons.)

Your body may retain more fluids and tend to get bloated easier. You will need to pay attention to what you drink and eat.

Sensations, emotions, and feelings will be “skin deep.” Psychosomatic problems, sleep changes, insomnia, nightmares, or more colorful, real, and intense dreams may all occur more frequently.

We don’t recommend starting a weight loss diet during the full moon. Also, be careful with the side effects of medication.

Avoid headaches, which may be intense, and keep a sense of humor. Don’t take everything seriously or start arguments.

It lasts a few hours and its effects may be very noticeable. For example, your injuries may bleed more, or your period may be heavier.

Another way the moon can affect your life is tgat doing a scheduled surgery may be riskier.

This is also a common time for people to become more aggressive. 

It’s believed that everything you do 6 hours before and 6 hours afterward will be successful. People with thin hair may have a better time cutting it during this phase.

Waning Moon

Your body may be more prone to “getting rid of” anything it doesn’t need. This could make it an ideal for releasing a lot of the accumulated energy from the previous phases.

You may be able to eliminate fats, fluids, and toxins more easily, too. This could be a good time to start a detox or a purification remedy, as well as reduce bloating or digestive irritation.

We suggest doing activities that require strength and resistance.

Also, we recommend drinking more water to get rid of everything negative, starting diets, cutting your hair and nails, removing warts, eliminating dark spots, and treating scars.

Oral treatments and surgeries may be more successful. It’s also a good time to plant and trim fruit trees, vegetables, and tubers.

As far as the emotional side of things are concerned, this may be the best time to end a relationship or partnership.

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