Why Do My Breasts Burn and Hurt?

If your breasts burn and hurt, it can be due to various reasons and although you should always see your doctor first in order to rule out any serious problem, we will explain the possible causes of this discomfort in this article, which can be related to hormonal, growth, or allergy matters.

We will also share some natural remedies by using medicinal plants to treat it simply and without risks of side effects.

Muscle Pain

In some cases, mainly in young girls, although it can happen at any age, women can suffer from breast pain that in reality happens in the muscles. For example, due to muscle exercises in the chest area. In young girls, it can be because they are still in a development stage and as they grow, breasts can cause some discomfort.

A doctor should be the one who rules out any other health problem. If they confirm that it is due to muscle issues caused by exercise, you can take a natural magnesium-based supplement.

Burning Due to Tissues

Burning in your breasts can be caused by an allergic reaction to certain clothing detergents, deodorants, or products that come in direct contact with the skin. Because of that, you should think about what products you have used and search for other kinds that are more gentle and natural. We recommend making a natural detergent to wash your clothing and using alcohol-free deodorants.

If you still feel burning, you can use aloe vera gel to soothe it.

Aloe vera

Dry Skin

Your skin will be more vulnerable to problems like these if it is very dry. For that reason, we recommend that you hydrate it, especially in the nipple areas with some kind of vegetable oil, moisturizing cream, or shea butter. Try to make sure that it is a natural product that does not cause allergies.

Before Menstruating

If you always feeling burning or pain right before or during menstruation, this is definitely due to hormonal problems. In that case, you can see your gynecologist or a therapist so that they can do a diagnosis according to all of the symptoms you have. Some natural options to keep in mind are evening primrose oil, chasteberry, angelica, Peruvian ginseng, or salvia.

During Pregnancy

One of the symptoms of pregnancy can be burning or pain in your breasts which is why you should also rule out this possibility since it is one of the first possible symptoms. This is due to the increase of blood flow to the area, especially in the nipples, and as your body gets used to this feeling, the discomfort tends to lessen. In any way, you can soothe it by making infusions with concentrations of marigold flowers to apply to your chest when they are warm with the help of a compress.



If you feel the burning and pain during lactation, it is very possible that you have Mastitis, an inflammation of the mammary tissue caused by an infection, that also tends to be accompanied with fever and fatigue. You can treat Mastitis by preparing an infusion with thyme concentrate to apply everyday nipple and around it with the help of a cotton ball. Let it dry. You can also take a vitamin C and propolis based supplement.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Although you should not get alarmed, if you have persistent pain and burning, and there is no apparent cause, you should see a doctor so that they rule out breast cancer. You can also do a self breast exam. Standing in front of a mirror, touch the entire breast area slowly and deeply in circular motions. Try to cover all around it up to your armpits. Do the same with both  breasts. If you notice any balls or strange shape, see the doctor as soon as possible to rule out the disease. Another symptom of breast cancer are loss of liquid through the nipple, either blood colored or yellow. This should also be a sign of alarm.

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