Blanca Suarez's Full Body Workout Routine

The actress from Madrid has an enviable physique at the age of 34. How did she get it? This is her complete routine to tone up and get healthy.
Blanca Suarez's Full Body Workout Routine
Leonardo Biolatto

Written and verified by the doctor Leonardo Biolatto.

Last update: 27 November, 2022

Since her performance in the Spanish film El internado, the actress from Madrid has not stopped. But not everything is series and movies. In fact, on her social networks, Blanca Suarez has revealed the full-body workout routine that keeps her active.

We know a little from her publications and a little from the Instagram of Crys Dyaz, her trainer. This exercise professional has become almost a natural choice for several Spanish stars. Sara Sálamo, Carla Pereyra, and Laura Escanes are just a few stars under her tutelage.

Blanca Suárez’s full body routine that we are going to discuss is, precisely, a Crys Dyaz plan. It’s not a sequence that is easy to follow. There’s a high level of demand and the need to have a base to support this effort.

The 16 movements of the full body of Blanca Suarez

Intensity seems to characterize the training model of the actress. She spares no effort and combines exercises that make use of her own weight, attachments, and gym machines. So, you can reproduce the routine, but you will need a few extra things to do it.

We don’t know the exact number of repetitions or the duration of each stage. It’s also not clear if the 16 movements are performed in sequence or separated over the course of several days.

Bearing this in mind, these are the 16 movements of Blanca Suarez’s full body, grouped by categories:

  1. Lunge with a dumbbell from the knees
  2. Diagonal dumbbell deadlift.
  3. Deadlift with a kettlebell
  4. Isometric crunches with a barbell in suspension
  5. Crunches on instability machine
  6. Dumbbell crunches
  7. Knee crunches
  8. Gluteal bridge with an elastic band
  9. Squats with jumps with dumbbells
  10. Diagonal raise with dumbbells
  11. Swings with dumbbells
  12. Steps with a box
  13. Stationary bike
  14. Lateral displacement with discs
  15. Donkey kick with discs
  16. Boxing hooks with a bag

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Pull-ups and deadlifts

Pull-ups come from the world of weightlifting. This is the first movement a weightlifter performs to lift the attachment. Today, it has become popular in gyms, along with the deadlift.

The biomechanical control needed to perform a correct snatch is notorious. Apart from strength, which can be regulated according to the weight to be lifted, coordination plays a key role.

The same is true for the traditional deadlift, although to a lesser extent. In addition, indirectly, both processes involve the muscles of the center of the body (core). In other words, the abdominals are toned without doing the classical crunches.

Blanca Suarez's weightlifting
Weightlifting lent several of its movements for the current routines in gyms.

Variation of abs

In any gym with a trainer, whoever attends will receive routines to vary their ab work. This is what we noticed in the 16 full-body movements of Blanca Suarez.

The abdominal region is composed of several muscles. Not everything is about getting a beautiful six-pack, however. When it comes to overall health, complete activation of the central, lateral, and oblique regions will give us better results in the long term.

In fact, some scientific studies postulate that traditional crunches actually activate the core the least. On the other hand, the addition of unstable surfaces, such as a medicine ball, can force a more sustained isometric contraction and, therefore, one with more toning capacity.

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The inevitable glute bridge

This hip thrust can no longer be missing from any routine, especially when it comes to female workouts.

The benefits of this movement are extensive. Hip empowerment and glute definition are the most sought-after advantages when practicing it.

However, as is almost always the case, there’s no one way to do glute bridges. You can add weight, you can add an attachment underneath, or you can change the stability with alternating surfaces.

Science has shown that each variation adds its own. Different positions of the hip thrust activate different muscles, sometimes in the glutes and sometimes in the quads. So, as a recommendation, it’s best not to stick to just one modality over the months.

Accessible dumbbells

Dumbbells are a must in Blanca Suarez’s full-body routine. They’re a tool that you can buy at a reasonable price to have at home or replace them with homemade items that perform a similar function.

The versatility of dumbbells lies in the possibility of adding them to traditional movements to increase the intensity. Thus, you can do lunges with them, sit-ups, squats, and even push-ups.

Something similar could be said about discs. In any case, the latter adds the difficulty of the grip, which forces you to tense your fingers to hold them in movements that have marked displacements.

Blanca Suarez's routine
Dumbbells are small, you can take them wherever you go and increase the intensity of traditional exercises.

Boxing has become a favorite of the stars

When we search the Internet for information on the exercise of celebrities, the appearance of boxing is inescapable. The training derived from this discipline became popular and the results are evident in the physiques.

Boxing combines aerobic and anaerobic. In this sense, it’s similar to CrossFit or functional training.

A 2019 scientific study showed that a single weekly boxing training session was able to increase other skills and strengths in those who practiced it. People who performed 12 weeks of a special plan in this sense, increased the time they could stay holding a bar and the total number of push-up repetitions.

This data can also give us the guideline of why Blanca Suarez does not have push-ups in her full-body routine. Perhaps they’re not necessary due to boxing and the use of alternatives for her upper limbs, such as the swing or the donkey kick.

Blanca Suárez’s full body is closely watched

Crys Dyaz follows Blanca Suárez’s routine step by step. The trainer not only keeps an eye on the gym moves but also intervenes with diet and nutrition counseling.

Our role as physical trainers often goes beyond the physical. We act as coaches, psychologists, and even friends. -Crys Dyaz

This celebrity personal trainer says she uses the same method with everyone who comes to her. You don’t need to be a famous actress to try her routines.

Anyway, as we made clear before, the 16 movements presented here shouldn’t be done all at once. Start slowly, consult a professional, and try to stick to a routine. Fitness is a long road that requires perseverance.

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