The Best Way to Drink Beer

· December 28, 2015

We love super cold beer in the summer! Sometimes, we drink it and feel a little guilty: If I drink this glass, will I gain weight? Is it bad for my diet? These are some of the most common questions when asking ourselves whether or not we should drink beer.

Today, we want to tell you about all of the information in regards to beer, for your peace of mind. But right now we will skip ahead: a beer does not make you gain weight, as long as you drink it in moderation.

1. If I Am on a Weight Loss Diet, Can I Drink Beer?


Beer is that drink that we enjoy in many events with family and friends. In general, we don’t drink it every day, but prefer to drink it at slightly more festive and relaxed times.

This thousand-year-old drink with attractive amber colors is made of barley and other grains. It has, as you know, a certain level of alcohol, which is why you should always drink beer in moderation. But what happens if you drink it on weekends? Can I allow myself this treat and not gain weight? We will explain:

  • Beer has, in general, few calories and barely any saturated fats. The exact amount is 43 calories per 100 mL. So, if you drink a 250 mL glass, you will only take in 90 calories.
  • What does that mean? You can drink it in moderation. Keep in mind that, sometimes, you can drink a lot of soft cola drinks or carbonated drinks that have many more calories.
  • Nutritionists say that it’s best to drink beer with caution. If you are passionate about this drink and like to drink it everyday, try to drink a little less than a glass, in other words, 200 mL. You already know that for every glass, you will get 90 calories, so you should always get rid of them with a little bit or exercise or a walk. Because of the calories and the alcohol it contains, it’s best not to drink more than this, although you can include it when you are out.
  • We should also mention that the healthiest beer is the kind that is made naturally and traditionally. If you are also wondering what kind of beer is the healthiest, interestingly enough it is dark beer: this is made from malt and hops and is richest in iron.

2. What Benefits Does Beer Have?


1. Beer Protects You From Kidney Stones

You should not forget one of the biggest benefits of beer: it is very diuretic! Moderate consumption will protect you by 40% from suffering kidney problems and suffering from stones.

2. Beer Improves Digestion

Do you know what kind of beer can help improve your digestion? Dark beer. Besides the iron, it has more fiber and therefore improves your intestinal process, which prevents gastric and intestinal problems. Isn’t it great?

3. Beer Fights Bad Cholesterol


As you know, beer is rich in fiber, which allows you to keep a good level of LDL or bad cholesterol.

4. Beer Is Rich in B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12)

People that drink beer regularly and moderately get about 30% more B complex vitamins than those who don’t drink it. These vitamins allow you to have more energy, strengthen your bones and muscles, and also, help you metabolize red blood cells better.

5. Beer Improves Your Bone Health

It’s true: drinking beer helps you keep a good silicon level that also favors your bone health and mineral density.

6. Beer Allows You to Sleep Better


Do you know where this secret comes from? In its great levels of nicotinic and lactoflavin, which are great for sleeping.

7. Beer Prevents the Formation of Blood Clots

Beer boosts proper blood circulation, which prevents clots from forming.

8. Beer Strengthens the Immune System

This drink is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which are great for strengthening your defenses. If you drink it moderately, two to three glasses a week, for example, you will avoid a lot of colds, muscle or joint pains, and also improve your cardiac health. It’s great!

3. What Is More Beneficial: Beer or Red Wine?


Nutritionists say that both drinks are great, as long as you drink them in moderation. In other words, never more than one glass a day. Here are the differences of each so that you can make your own choice:

  • WineDrinking a glass of red wine a day will give you better cardiovascular benefits than beer. It also has many more antioxidants, like polyphenols. It also has higher levels of potassium and magnesium.
  • Beer: It has more B vitamins, nutrients, and soluble fiber than wineYou should also keep in mind that it has less alcohol.

So, the choice depends on your tastes. You can combine them throughout the week, according to the dishes and your personal events, but remember: Always in moderation!