The Best Essential Oils for Spider Veins

Many people believe that certain essential oils can help relieve discomfort caused by spider veins.
The Best Essential Oils for Spider Veins
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Spider veins happen when poor circulation causes blood to accumulate in certain areas. Aside from being unsightly, spider veins can also be a serious health problem that causes significant discomfort. In this article, we’ll recommend some essential oils for spider veins that might offer some relief.

For more serious cases, your doctor may recommend surgery to get rid of the spider veins and avoid the risk of blot clots. For mild cases, however, you can use essential oils to relieve the pain.

If you suffer from spider veins, the best thing you can do is follow your doctor’s instructions. Maintaining healthy habits will also help relieve discomfort caused by spider veins. Home remedies can sometimes help, but you should think of them as a treatment or a cure in and of themselves.

1. Cypress essential oil

Bottles of essential oils for spider veins

Many people believe that cypress essential oil (which you can find in any natural foods store or herb store) can help with spider vein symptoms.

While there’s no scientific evidence to support that claim, people use it for therapeutic massage on their legs to get relief. They believe that it helps improve lymphatic drainage, stimulate circulation, and help reduce the feeling of pressure and heaviness in the legs.

  • Researchers have done some studies about the oil extracted from the leaves of an Asian species of this tree.

Treatment for spider veins with cypress essential oil

  • Apply 5 drops of cypress essential oil to a cold compress (put a damp cloth in the fridge for 10 minutes, for example).
  • Now take the cold cloth and gently massage up the legs to improve circulation. Spend at least 10 minutes on each leg, then let the oil dry on your skin. After an hour, take a shower. You’ll see how relaxing it is.

2. Mint and rosemary essential oils for spider veins

Mint essential oils for spider veins

Many people believe that the combination of these two oils is great for relieving pain and pressure caused by spider veins. Mint and rosemary essential oils are also really easy to find.

According to the experts at MedicalNewsToday, rosemary has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that could help improve blood circulation and provide relief from spider veins. However, more research still needs to be done, scientists don’t have any conclusive evidence that rosemary works for spider veins.

Mint essential oil hasn’t been scientifically proven to provide benefits for cardiovascular health. Nevertheless, many people use it for pain relief because of the fresh sensation and aroma that it provides.

*You should always dilute essential oils in water to avoid irritating your skin. If you have sensitive skin or some kind of skin condition, you should avoid these products and instead talk to your dermatologist about appropriate products.

Treatment for varicose veins with mint and rosemary essential oils

  • We’re going to prepare a cold compress just as we did with the last treatment. Just put a damp cloth in the fridge for 10 minutes. Once ready, add 3 drops each of rosemary and mint essential oils.
  • Massage your legs to promote blood flow and relieve the uncomfortable pressure in the varicose veins and the cramps you may be suffering from. Next, try to rest with your legs up for 20 minutes, then take a nice relaxing shower and finish by running cold water over your legs. What could be more relaxing?

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3. Lemon and calendula essential oils for spider veins

Lemon essential oils for spider veins

Some people say that these two oils are very refreshing and provide immediate relief. Some of their standout properties are:

  • Calendula essential oil could be useful for treating general skin problems. However, aside from the fact that it’s used in a lot of skincare products, there isn’t much evidence to support that claim. Studies have shown it to be an effective sunblock.
  • The belief is that the combination of these two oils can inhibit inflammatory processes, relieve pain, and activate lymphatic drainage. However, more research is needed to draw any concrete conclusions.
  • They contain antioxidants (this study confirms that lemon essential oil contains antioxidants) they also provide vitamin E, which leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Treatment for spider veins with lemon and calendula essential oils

  • Calendula and lemon essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. Just put three drops of each oil in your hands and massage your legs.
  • You’ll notice the immediate refreshing effect in addition to the pleasant smell. This combination of essential oils is a quick and effective remedy that not only alleviates spider veins but can also help with other discomforts.

Final thoughts

Remember, you should never rely on these methods alone to treat your spider veins. The best bet is always to talk to your doctor so you can get the treatment that is the most appropriate for your individual case.

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