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María Cantos

Midwife and specialist in Mental Health.

A nurse specialized in labor care services. She currently works as the head of midwifery services at Cantos Kujawa & Asociados, part of the support team at the Quirón University Hospital in Madrid and a mental health specialist at the Dr. Lafora Hospital in Madrid.

About the author

In 2000 she received a diploma in Nursing from the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid and in 2014 she graduated from the European University of Madrid. In 2005 she became a specialist in Mental Health through EIR at the Dr. R. Lafora Hospital and in 2007 in Obstetrics and Gynecology (Midwife) through EIR at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid.

She currently works at the Quirónsalud University Hospital in Madrid as a care midwife where she performs pregnancy monitoring, delivery assistance, maternal and paternal education, breastfeeding, and puerperium; and in the Assisted Reproduction Unit providing emotional support to couples.

Likewise, she monitors pregnancy online, has participated as a speaker in various congresses, courses, and conferences for midwives and on assisted reproduction processes and debates on surrogacy in the Community of Madrid and Andalusia. She is also a member of the scientific team of the randomized clinical trial on episodes of decreased oxygen saturation in newborns in skin-to-skin contact. You can check her website here.

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