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Alejandro Duarte


Bachelor of Biotechnology. Alejandro Duarte has extensive knowledge in cellular and molecular biology, he has also belonged to different research teams and has served as SEO editor of scientific-themed articles, specializing in medicine and health.

About the author

Graduated in Biotechnology from the University of León (2017), he is studying for a Master's Degree in Drug Research and Marketing from the Teófilo Hernando Foundation in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid.

For 17 months, he was involved in different research teams at the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of León. In addition, he has worked in several clinical analysis laboratories, as well as a Content Editor of articles focused on health and wellness.

He currently works at IQVIA, a multinational organization dedicated to conducting clinical trials.

He has a strong interest in molecular biomedicine which led him to pursue a career in clinical research.

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