Six Anti-Cellulite Exercises You Can Do at Home

Exercises that tone your lower body are perfect if you have cellulite in your glutes, hips, and thighs. Today's article will describe what they're about and their impact on your body.
Six Anti-Cellulite Exercises You Can Do at Home

Last update: 25 July, 2022

More and more people are making anti-cellulite exercises a part of their regular workout routine. The reason is that physical activity helps keep fat and fluids from building up in your body, two factors that contribute to those “dimples”.

It’s true you’ll need to make other lifestyle changes if you want to address your cellulite as well, as detailed in a publication in Offarm magazine. For example, eating a balanced diet and avoiding the use of high heels are two highly recommended measures.

However, keeping active and toning problem areas are key ways to get good results. An article on the specialized medical site WebMD indicates that strength training, which contributes to muscle toning, helps smooth the skin.

This publication also confirms that cardiovascular work helps reduce body fat levels, which also contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Anti-cellulite exercises you can do at home

The best part is that now you have no excuse. Although some people think they need a lot of time and special equipment, there are actually plenty of ways to work out at home. Are you interested? Keep on reading!

1. Jump rope

A woman jumping rope outside.
Jumping rope activates the main muscle groups of the body. Therefore, doing it regularly tones your body.

Cardiovascular exercises help minimize the appearance of cellulite. In fact, a study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, which aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of certain non-invasive weight-loss devices, highlights that aerobic physical activity is very efficient in terms of energy expenditure.

Therefore, this type of exercise is useful to eliminate fat and improve body composition. So, one of the ways to combat this condition is nothing more and nothing less than jumping rope. Getting started is very simple:

  • Take a jump rope that works for your height and jump for 5 to 10 minutes
  • Of course, you can jump in intervals, depending on your physical condition

2. Calf raises

One of the greatest anti-cellulite exercises consists of calf raises. While they’re often done in the leg and lower body workouts, they also work like cardio and help burn fat.

Plus, they get your blood moving and tone your thighs and calves. You can do them the following way:

  • Stand on a step or bench with your heels hanging off the edge
  • Then, stand on your tones, moving slowly
  • Go up and down for at least 15 reps

3. Anti-cellulite exercises: lunges

A woman doing some A woman doing anti-cellulite exercises.

Lunges work your hamstrings and quads like none other. They’re also great for smoothing out cellulite-prone areas like your hips and glutes, according to research published in the Journal of Sports Rehabilitation.

Therefore, you can also include it among the anti-cellulite exercises that’ll allow you to tone areas such as the hips and buttocks and thus prevent the accumulation of adipose tissue. The steps to perform it are as follows:

  • Stand straight and step one foot in front of you
  • With your weight mostly on your back foot, bend your legs to form right angles
  • Keep your chest straight and contract your abdominal muscles
  • Hold for 5 seconds and then return to your starting position
  • Do 12 reps on each side

4. Leg lifts

Because of its power to tone the lower half of your body, this remarkable exercise is perfect if you have cellulite or flab. It takes some strength and balance, but it’s an excellent way to tone your glutes.

  • First, stand on a mat, facing the floor
  • Then, get on your hands and knees, making sure your hands are directly underneath your shoulders
  • Next, lift one leg and try to push your heel towards the ceiling
  • Try to hold here for 5 seconds and then slowly return to your starting position
  • Switch legs and keep alternating until you complete 10 to 12 reps with each

5. Abductors

A woman doing some anti-cellulite exercises at home.

Anti-cellulite exercises should address the thighs, hips, and more specifically, the abductors. As you know, cellulite is common in those areas. Follow these steps:

  • Lay on your right side on a mat with your legs straight, one on top of the other
  • Use your right arm to support your head and put the other on the mat for balance
  • Then lift your left leg towards the ceiling, gently
  • Hold for 3 seconds and return to your starting position, but don’t let your legs touch
  • Do 15 reps on each side

6. Upside-down bicycle

Movements that work for several muscle groups at once are perfect for areas where little lumps of fat have formed. That’s why this bicycle exercise should be a part of your workout.

It works your abs while also stimulating circulation in your legs. Follow these instructions:

  • Lay face up and lift your legs off the mat a bit
  • Lay your arms down by your sides and make pedaling motions with your legs
  • Do 3 sets of 20 reps

Add other good habits to these anti-cellulite exercises

To conclude, don’t forget to complement these anti-cellulite exercises with plenty of water and fresh fruit and vegetables. Together, these habits have the best chance of making your cellulite less noticeable.

As we pointed out at the beginning, we also recommend combining these exercises with aerobic exercise for the best results. From the combination of these habits, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of this problem affecting your skin.

Ultimately, keep in mind that other factors such as genetics and age also play a role. Therefore, beyond continuing to take care of yourself, don’t be discouraged if you lose firmness in the aforementioned areas anyway. After all, certain natural processes are irreversible, and you should love yourself just the way you are!

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