Activated Carbon Laser Peel: Process and Care

Activated carbon laser peel is an innovative treatment that helps rejuvenate skin. It also treats blemishes caused by acne. Learn more.
Activated Carbon Laser Peel: Process and Care

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Have you ever heard of an activated carbon laser peel? It’s also known as the “red carpet peel” because of its popularity among celebrities. This peel is a rejuvenating facial treatment that combines the properties of activated carbon with a laser to give you brighter and firmer skin. 

Among other things, this peel helps clean your pores which is especially beneficial for those with oily skin and acne. In addition, it’s a painless treatment, has quick results, and usually doesn’t cause any complications. In today’s article, we’ll take about the procedure for an activated carbon laser peel and what its main benefits are.

Activated carbon laser peel procedure

Laser exfoliation with activated carbon is a process that consists of two stages; one with carbon and one with laser. In the first stage, the specialist will apply a carbon lotion to your skin. This lotion will absorb the oil on your face and clean deep into your pores to remove any dead cells. Then, you’ll need to wait about 10 minutes for it to penetrate the skin.

In the second phase, the specialist will use a Q-Switched laser. This laser has a special wavelength that heats the carbon so it will bind to the epidermis. The result? Brighter skin.

We should highlight that this method will exfoliate your skin more deeply than other methods. The laser will gradually fragment the carbon. Then, the steam from the machine will remove the residue. 

Ery Pads for acne

Benefits of activated carbon laser peel

One of the greatest things about this peel is that it works for all skin types. Also, it’s gentle and removes toxins, so it’s a reliable process. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of this treatment.

Cleans deeply

Activated carbon all on its own will remove dead cells and excess oil from your face. When you combine it with a laser treatment, its effects are even greater. After using this peel, your skin will look cleaner and renewed. 

Controls acne

Since this is an exfoliating process, it’s effective for oily skin and enlarged pores. Also, carbon is bactericidal, which means it reduces the presence of bacteria that causes acne. When combined with the laser treatment, carbon will reduce your sebaceous glands’ activity which will result in less sebum. 

In a case study from Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, a 14-year-old girl with cystic acne received six activated carbon peel treatments over the course of two weeks. By the end of the treatment, her skin had improved significantly. More than 90% of lesions had disappeared.

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Rejuvenates skin

There’s no magic formula that will rejuvenate your skin. However, there are a wide variety of treatments that will help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. With this activated carbon laser peel, both the carbon and the laser will cause a lifting effect and improve collagen production.

Reduces pigmentation

From sunspots and melasma to enlarged pores, this activated carbon laser peel is effective against pigmentation. In fact, this peel works your skin in such a way that it penetrates areas that conventional treatments can’t.

Side effects of activated carbon laser peel

So far, there are no reports of skin complications as a result of this treatment. However, after the procedure, as with any process of this type, it’s normal to experience a slight tingling and redness.

It’s very important to ensure you find an experienced professional to carry out this treatment. That will help guarantee that your skin will stay healthy. In addition, you should note that this procedure is contraindicated for:

  • Pregnant women and minors
  • People with infectious diseases or open cuts on their face
  • People with tattoos on their face
  • Patients who are taking photosensitive medication
charcoal activated laser peel

Post-treatment care

Your skin will need some special care following the treatment. Giving it the proper care it needs will make your results even more effective. First, you should use aloe vera gel to reduce the redness. Also, you’ll want to keep your skin clean and avoid wearing makeup that will reclog your pores. Instead, try mineral-based makeup. In addition, be sure to apply sunscreen every day.


Activated carbon laser peels are mainly used to beautify your face. However, they also work to reduce blemishes and acne on areas like your chest and back. Do you want to try one? If you do, tell us about your experience!

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