A Perfect Diet for Losing Weight Quickly

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to adopt a balanced diet according to your needs.
A Perfect Diet for Losing Weight Quickly
Elisa Morales Lupayante

Written and verified by the pedagogue in physical education and nutritionist Elisa Morales Lupayante.

Last update: 25 July, 2022

There are many diets for losing weight quickly in a healthy way. Therefore, you shouldn’t any overnight “miracle diets” that may compromise your health in the long term. Among the healthy models, you can use the Harvard plate or the Mediterranean diet.

Losing weight quickly sounds very attractive, but you shouldn’t get carried away only by the desire to show off a toned summer bod. You need to know how to find a way to lose weight healthily, without imposing a dietary pattern that involves a punishment and limits when it comes to eating.

Ideally, you should adopt a healthy diet that allows you to enjoy the different food groups and helps you make the right choices on a daily basis, so that you can get all the nutrients you need to be energetic and healthy.

Foods for losing weight weight quickly

The main idea is to reduce the consumption of calories from sugars and fats, which is known as a hypocaloric diet. We’re going to explain what foods you can eat for losing weight quickly.


Some dairy for losing weight quickly.

Firstly, we have dairy products. Any dairy products you consume should be low in fat, such as skim milk or yogurt.

If you want to try drinks like soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk, you should look for ones which are rich in calcium, but it’s up to you.

Fruits, vegetables and legumes

Next, we have vegetables. These should be included in any healthy diet and they should be  a part of all your lunches as a side dish and the main ingredient at dinner time.

Some of the many vegetables you can count on are lettuce, tomato, cucumber, vegetables such as carrots or zucchini, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, or mushrooms.

Fruit should also be a part of any diet. It’s recommended that you eat two or three pieces of fruit every day, and you should include them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, it also makes a great snack. It’s the perfect option if you get hungry between meals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to balance the diet.

Then, we have cereals and legumes. These types of food provide a lot of energy. As a result, you should include approximately a fist-sized portion of any cereal or legume. When it comes to pasta, you should choose whole wheat pasta and avoid highly refined products.

Losing weight quickly: protein and fat

Some protein for losing weight quickly.

We also need to remember to include sources of protein, like eggs, meat, or fish. In the case of eggs, you should consume between three and four a week. Meat should be white in most cases. Try not to eat red meat more than twice a week.

As far as fish is concerned, try to increase your consumption so you can reduce your meat intake. Try to eat some fish four or five times a week and get a mixture of white and oily fish.

Finally, oils and fats should be cut down to two or three tablespoons per day. You can use this amount of oil for cooking or as a dressing.

The reduction of fats and meats, in particular, is key to reducing your calorie intake and losing weight quickly.

A diet for losing weight quickly

To more easily spread these foods throughout the day, the best thing to do is design a meal plan to organize your food groups. This way, you can make sure that you get the right amounts of each food and keep your diet balanced.


At breakfast, have some dairy, like a coffee with skimmed milk, or some cereal. You can also try toast with some turkey meat. This is a great source of energy and protein to start the day.

Later, about halfway through the morning, have a fruit-based snack, like a couple of kiwis, a banana, or an orange. This will help fend off hunger until lunchtime.


Some chicken with steamed vegetables.

At lunchtime, have the first course of vegetables, cereals, and legumes, like soup or a baked potato.

For the main course, get some low-fat protein, like chicken or grilled salmon. Finally, your dessert should be dairy, like low-fat yogurt.

Afternoon snack

Midway through the afternoon, you can have another fruit-based snack, just like you did in the morning. This way, you’ll have gotten your recommended amount of fruit for the day. Try a banana or an apple.


To end the day, follow the same routine as you did for lunch, but with smaller portions for dinner. Have some vegetables in a green salad, or some grilled mushrooms with a source of protein, like sole or hake, or even an omelet. Finally, you should cap off the day with another dairy product, like a glass of warm milk, or low-fat yogurt.


This is a diet that’ll allow you to lose weight quickly, but remember to accompany it with proper hydration. In addition, it’s important you do some exercise every day.

On the other hand, it’s important to remember that nutritional needs may vary according to your age, health status and habits. Therefore, if you have any diseases or special conditions, you should consult a nutritionist to design a plan according to your needs.

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