9 Foods to Avoid if You’re on a Diet

If you want your diet to be effective, it's always better to make your own smoothies and salads and not buy pre-packaged ones. Learn more about this and other great tips in this article!

When dieting, not everything is as it seems.

Similarly, there are some foods that have more calories than they appear to have. The truth is, there are many foods like this.

Take note of this list of foods that may be deceiving and should be avoided if you’re on a diet.

When dieting, people usually eat some foods that appear to be low in calories, light, or super healthy.

However, many people might not know the reality of these foods, and this can be a disaster for your good intentions.

Let’s take a look at some of the foods you should avoid.

1. Sushi

Many believe that sushi is low in calories. People also think if it as a very healthy food. However, be careful: there are some important distinctions to be made.

  • For example, you should avoid rolls with spicy mayonnaise, fried tempura, and cream cheese. These all have a high-fat content.
  • There are several sauces that go with sushi. When ordering, the best thing to do is to choose light options and avoid anything fried.

2. Granola

Granola is very healthy. However, it’s not a good food to eat if you want to lose weight. This is because it has a high number of calories.

To be clear, you should always be aware of what you eat. You can eat granola in small amounts. However, it should be combined with moderate to intense exercise.

3. Cesar salad

Be careful with salads, because some can be very deceiving. Just because they use lettuce for a foundation doesn’t make the dish low calorie. A good example of this is the Cesar salad.

This is a dish that has a high number of calories. Its ingredients include croutons, cheese, and dressing. These make it a high-calorie food that you should avoid if you are dieting.

It’s better to choose a tomato, lettuce, asparagus and corn-based option dressed with olive oil.

4. Cereal bars

Be careful with cereal bars. Even though they appear to be a healthy snack and low in calories, they’re not.

Just like granola, commercial cereal bars have a high number of calories. You shouldn’t eat too many.

Also, they have polysaturated and trans fats as well as refined sugars and hydrogenated oils. Because of this, it’s better if you avoid them.

5. Whole bread

Don’t believe that you’re eating fewer calories because you’re using whole wheat breads instead of white breads.

Whole bread has the same number of calories as white bread.

The difference is in the amount of fiber they give us. This element encourages better digestion and keeps you regular, but nothing else.

6. Sports drinks

Sports drinks are perfect for athletes. This is because they give the athletes salts and minerals they lose during intense exercise.

However, a number of sugars these drinks have means they have a high-calorie content. Avoid them or look for sugar-free versions.

7. Pickles

Cucumbers are a huge help when dieting. However, pickles aren’t. This is because they have a high amount of sodium (in other words, salt).

Salt isn’t only bad for your health. It also makes you retain liquids and start to swell.

8. Dried bananas

Bananas are a fruit with a high sugar content. As you know, eating fruit is very healthy. However, there are certain ones you should avoid if you want to lose weight.

This is how it is with dried bananas you find in trail mixes. For example, a 3 oz. portion gives you 441 calories.

9. Smoothies

Not all smoothies are healthy. You need to be very careful with them.

This is the same as with dried bananas. If you want to eat fruits, it’s better to eat them whole.

Some smoothies are mixed with sweeteners or large amounts of sugar. This even includes foods like yogurt or ice cream.

This is all a trick for your “diet”.

  • If you want to drink smoothies, make them yourself. Preferably, they should be detoxifying and you should use fruit as the foundation.
  • If you want to get a really healthy smoothie, don’t add sugar, cream, chocolate, or anything like that.


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