6 Ways to Burn Fat Every Day

· June 10, 2015

If your goal is to lose weight, you should definitely try to do it the healthiest way possible. It isn’t always easy to burn fat every day because, sometimes, you don’t have enough time to go to the gym or prepare healthy meals. But we’re sure that you can achieve your goal. Want to know how? Let us do the explaining!

Steps to burn fat every day

1. At breakfast


All right, let’s get started by clearing up one central fact. If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t stop eating or start skipping any meals, especially breakfast. Eating less won’t help you in any way, because all this does is slow down your metabolism, thus lowering your ability to burn fat. In a perfect world, you should eat five meals per day (not too large and spaced evenly throughout the day), because this will make your metabolism work at a steady pace all day long.

And how can you start your day by burning fat? Prepare a breakfast with the right ingredients; for example, fresh papaya and a cup of oatmeal with rice milk is a great combination for losing weight. Papaya is a great fruit for burning fat, so you should definitely include it in your diet. Additionally, you can include other breakfast combos such as an apple, toast with honey and a cup of green tea, or natural yogurt (even better if it’s homemade) with strawberries and almonds. There are lots of options, but you should always try to incorporate some type of fruit into your breakfast if possible.

2. Easy exercises you can do at home


Abdominal exercises

The best exercises for burning fat are cardio workouts and aerobic exercises. You don’t even have to go to the gym or do a long, hard workout session to get the desired results. Forget about spending tons of money on joining a gym or health club each month. Really, you just need to do half an hour of activity per day. For example, you could jump rope, do some abdominal exercises, or lie on your back and pedal your feet in the air as if you were riding a bike. Try putting some music on to make it more fun. The most important thing is to do it every day, so don’t forget!

3. Take advantage of your time outside Walking dog in rain

Every time you leave the house to run an errand or walk your dog, you should take advantage of that time to walk with a few light weights that weigh one or two kilos. These are small efforts that, if you do them on a daily basis, will help you burn fat. There are other little things you can do as well, such as choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and looking for other ways to move around a bit more every day. One great example is meeting up with your friends each day to walk for an hour. This will give your body and your heart a good workout.

4. Sage tea for burning fat


You can drink this infusion every day in the afternoon. Sage tea is a great tool for achieving a flat stomach and burning fat. It’s a tea that’s great for women because, in addition to burning fat, it is anti-inflammatory, relaxing, anti-bacterial and diuretic. To make this drink, just place five sage leaves in a cup of boiling water, along with the juice of half a lemon. Drink one cup every afternoon, and be consistent! It will have great effects.

5. Fat-burning foods


One remedy that is easy to get your hands on is starting lunch and dinner with a glass of artichoke water. This liquid will cleanse your system and metabolize fat, balancing out the ones that are left in your organism, and it’s very easy to make. Just boil a couple of artichokes until they become nice and soft. You can later eat the artichokes for dinner with a bit of vinegar and olive oil. Then, use the leftover water as a pre-meal drink; it’s great with a bit of lemon juice.

You can also prepare delicious meals with fat-burning foods, such as beets, spinach, carrots, shellfish, and eggs. You can also add spices such as curry, paprika, pepper and cinnamon, which are great for speeding up your metabolism.

In terms of fruits, it’s always good to eat papaya, grapefruit, apples (with the skin on, because the most important element is the pectin), as well as delicious watermelons and cantaloupes.

6. White tea for burning fat

White tea

Have you ever tried white tea? Although it’s not as well-known as green tea, it has become more popular recently thanks to its antioxidant properties (greater than those found in green tea), and its ability to speed up your metabolism and get rid of toxins, lipids and fats. Plus, it’s simply delicious. So, try drinking a cup of white tea every evening before going to bed. You’ll love it!

As you can see, burning fat every day isn’t all that difficult. Are you ready to get started today?