5 Permissions You Must Give Yourself Today for Emotional Growth

· September 19, 2016
Although it might seem contradictory, the most valuable permissions that you should have on your mind are the ones you give yourself. Everything else should be secondary

Let’s talk about emotional permissions. It’s possible that you’ve never heard about them. In fact, they aren’t studied in schools and your parents might not have worried about sharing them with you.

Emotional permissions are important ingredients for having a happy, balanced life. They are made up of freedoms and emotions that can heal you during difficult times.

Something that we all know is that most of the time, people focus on their outer existence. You care about getting along with other people. It’s better when you offer the best of yourself for the world.

But why not start now to focus your gaze inward? Believe it or not, this is how you have a true awakening: looking inward to be more free outside.

Today we propose that you discover five permissions you can give yourself to promote personal growth. Start by implementing them today. In fact, all you need are two things to achieve this:

Courage and the desire to be happy.

5 permissions for your emotional growth

We get permission at work to go to the doctor or to resolve bureaucratic issues. Sometimes you allow yourself simple whims: hanging out with friends, buying a book, getting a new dress, going for a walk alone late in the day…

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Now…what are permissions of happiness? When was the last time that you said to yourself “I’m going to be happy?” We know that it’s not easy, that it’s hard to break free from your obligations to do what you want.

The key, however, is balance, and above all in giving yourself permission to be happy in whatever you do. Pay attention to these five key things.

2-hummingbird1. I give myself permission to be who I am and I won’t change for anyone

You might be surprised, but people change very often due to their outside influences. Sometimes a relationship can be stormy and complicated, limiting many of an individual’s characteristics.

  • You stop being who you are to become someone else’s shadow. You forget to take care of yourself, and eventually come to live with more fears than hopes.
  • Don’t change for anyone. Defend who you are, your values, your inner beauty. Give yourself the permission to celebrate who you are without having to make sacrifices.

2. I give myself permission to feel and understand me

This happens very often: you feel frustrated, angry with someone else, hurt, or disappointed. Instead of untangling this emotional knot to arrive at a solution, you keep it in the depths of your heart, festering.

  • We pretend that nothing happens, “everything is fine” when, in fact, it is not.
  • Don’t do this – give yourself the permission to feel, to understand, to resolve, and to heal. Having emotional freedom is imperative to building your happiness.
  • On the other hand, understand the fact that what you feel and knowing how that can affect certain things and people allows you to know yourself much better. Give yourself permission to delve into your darkest places, bring them into the light, and heal them.

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No doubt something will force you to face many of your fears and those unresolved issues that have been dragged out into the present.

3-painting-of-a-woman3. Give yourself permission to seek what you want

Before you start looking for what will make you happy, you must be clear about what you want. It’s curious, but lots of people live their lives feeling that emptiness inside because they don’t know their priorities or what they need to be happy.

  • Give yourself permission to find inner peace. Don’t let anyone make you bitter or force you to do things that don’t fit with your values.
  • Give yourself permission to make every day worthwhile. No matter the fact that you have obligations and duties: give yourself an hour or two to yourself to do what you want.
  • Set goals you want to fight for; have short and long-term dreams.
  • Focus your life so that every time you open your eyes in the morning your dreams push you to keep going, to fight.

4. Always maintain the right to your own opinion, grant yourself the right to express yourself

Don’t be silent – practice sincerity every day of your life. Only in this way will you feel that emotional balance where what you think and feel correspond with what you do and say.

4-woman-with-tiger5. Give yourself permission to close some chapters

Ending cycles and closing chapters is not exactly easy. In fact there are many people who refuse to do so. They think it’s better to remain silent, to endure and stay in a dynamic that makes them unhappy because it’s all they have.

Don’t do this: give yourself the permission to be happy and able to leave what doesn’t support you, what hurts you, what doesn’t fit.

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Close chapters and say yes to the changes that are coming for the better because they’ll bring you new opportunities for happiness. Choose to grow from the inside in order to be happy on the outside.

Allow yourself these five permissions starting today.