10 Strategies to Burn Fat

· September 1, 2015
Living a sedentary life can have adverse effects on your health by diminishing the way your body eradicates fat. Even adding a half hour of physical exercise, whether jogging or walking, can have huge impacts on the amount of fat your body burns.

We all know from experience that burning fat isn’t an easy endeavor. We’ve been cultured to believe in those miracle diets that promise instant results. But the reality of life isn’t that simple – it takes work to slim down.

This article will offer you some sound advice and effective strategies to burn fat. We urge you to give them a try.

10 strategies to burn fat


If your fat burning plan includes drastically reducing your food intake or leaving behind food altogether, you’re already in the wrong mindset. Burning fat isn’t easy, but neither is it healthy to buy into these “miracle” diets.

It’s all about changing our lives to include healthy habits, including exercise, and a diet that helps you reach your goals. Don’t skip means, especially breakfast and dinner.

You’ll only manage to make yourself feel hungry and set yourself up for failure. Besides, not eating depresses your metabolism, meaning that instead of burning more fat, you’ll only be obstructing your body’s process of burning fat.

To make sure you’re burning fat and treating your body well, you should be aware that there’s no magical one step path to slimming down. But with a little effort and some dedication you can burn fat responsibly.

Here are our top ten ways to help you set up a healthy fat burning plan.

1. Go for a run or a brisk walk

If you’re not used to a routine that includes running, then we recommend starting with a brisk walk. It’s enough to include 20 minutes of exercise in your daily routine. The key is to make it a daily habit and walk regularly.

Various studies, including one by Yale University, show that something as simple as walking can accelerate your metabolism, burn fat, improve your cardiovascular health and help your body produce healthy endorphins.

2. Make movement a part of your day

You should take into account the amount of time you spend sitting down or being immobile or inactive. Make your day more active: walk the dog, go window-shopping, walk in the park, use the stairs instead of the elevator.

Whatever it takes to make you more active in the long run will be worth it health wise. It’s an easy enough strategy to change up your daily habit.

3. Watch your protein intake

When you include simple proteins in your breakfast your body is better able to burn fats all day long. You should make sure your meals include eggs, chicken breast, blue fish or greek yogurt, all of which studies have shown can help your metabolism as well as your body rid itself of fat and develop muscle.

4. Add cinnamon

Did you know that cinnamon can naturally help reduce your appetite up to 20 percent more than other remedies? So why not try a little cinnamon tea or sprinkle some cinnamon on your fruits or cereals. In addition to being helathy it’s also delicious.

5. Start your day with lemon and water

You’ve heard it in many blogs and through the grapevine, including in articles on this site, but if you start your day with a glass of water mixed with lemon juice, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor.

You’ll not only help your body cleanse itself by getting rid of toxins, but you’ll improve your immune system, help your digestive system and the functions of your intestines, get a boost of vitamins and the fat burning power of lemons. Do you need more reasons to try it?

6. Organize your time

Time is a key factor in your daily lifestyle. Your day should ideally include time to run your errands, fulfil your responsibilities and lead healthy habits.

Make sure you leave time to eat breakfast, run errands and spend time with family. This also means scheduling time to go for a run, relax at home, cook healthy meals and enjoy them. Try to keep your schedule regular, by eating meals, exercising and going to bed at the same time every night. 

7. Treat yourself to green tea

Rich in antioxidants, healthy and flavorful, green tea can also help boost your body’s fat burning processes. Basically, green tea helps your body absorb fats and stimulate the metabolism.

Pennsylvania State University released a study showing that including green tea in your diet is an excellent way to jump start your fat burning goals. Include a cup a day and you’ll see results.

8. Grapefruit goodness

If you don’t already include grapefruits as part of your diet you’ll want to pick some up on your next visit to the grocery store or farmer’s market. So have a few for breakfast or juice some for an evening treat.

How do grapefruits help? Grapefruits contain natural citric acid that can help you burn fat and slim down. And they’ve also been known to help reduce cholesterol levels, treat colds and anemia.

9. Raw vegetables

With tasty salads full of green leafy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery and leeks, you’ll want to make sure your daily meals include healthy, raw vegetables. Clean them well before consumption and you’ll give your body the extra minerals, vitamins and fibers it craves to burn fat by boosting your metabolism.

Cooking vegetables can mean you lose those particular characteristics. But when eaten raw, your body can make the most of the digestive enzymes that help keep your intestinal flora and colon healthy. Aim for organically grown veggies without pesticides for the best results.

10. Be consistent

Don’t let yourself get discouraged. Be consistent every day and you’ll see results within weeks. Losing weight and being healthy doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort. But you can do it.

If you need a little extra motivation, try making changes that include your friends or family. Share a diet that limits the fats and sweets you consume, and share meals that include vegetables and fresh juices. Enjoy doing physical activity together such as walking, swimming or dancing.

Be consistent and you’ll be happy with the results.