10 Essential Tools to Take Care of Your Garden During Springtime

There are many tools to care for your garden in the spring, but not all of them are indispensable. Take note of the basic tools you'll need to garden this spring.
10 Essential Tools to Take Care of Your Garden During Springtime

Last update: 18 April, 2023

In the spring, it’s essential to have certain tools to take care of the garden. We know that there are a lot of them, and gardening enthusiasts in particular tend to like to have them all. However, there’s no point in having a warehouse at home if you won’t use the entire inventory.

The change of season, the size of your garden, the type of plants you plant, your budget… these are all factors that should influence the selection of tools. Even so, there are some basic elements every gardener should have. In this article, we’ll help you to discern which tools shouldn’t be missing from your spring equipment.

Why are tools indispensable for taking care of the garden in spring?

If we look for a quick and simple explanation of the importance of having basic tools in the garden, we could say that they’re necessary to plant any plant. The University of Florida goes a little further, pointing out in an article from its Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, that working in the garden is more pleasant when you use the right tools.

For its part, the Colorado State University Extension specifies that using the right tools helps gardeners in every season. Therefore, regular care and proper storage are pertinent.

Based on these two points, it’s a good idea to check the tools you have at home and get them ready for these spring days. Let’s take a closer look.

Indispensable tools to take care of the garden in spring

The catalog of garden tools is broad, ranging from very sophisticated and technological to the most simple and traditional. The sale of these tools is also growing. In fact, a study revealed by Grand View Research projects that between 2023 and 2030, the global market for gardening equipment will expand at an annual rate of 6%.

According to the analysis, the most marketed tools would be cutting and pruning tools, those designed with wheels, those with handles, and those with short hands. Also, there are shovels, rakes, hoes, and forks.

Acquiring one or the other depends, apart from the monetary aspect, on the type of garden. The tools used for gardening on a balcony aren’t the same as those used in large yards. Here is a criterion for the choice.

Here are the essential tools for spring gardening. You can choose them according to the characteristics of the space in question.

1. A hose to garden in the spring

As well as conventional watering cans for plants, the hose is one of the must-haves in gardening. With a spray gun, sprinkler, or a simple nozzle, this instrument contributes to the supply of water for the blooming of the garden.

It’s not difficult to find hoses of the length you need. So, get the one with an ideal length to move it without limitations throughout the area.

➡️ An extendable hose (this one is up to 7.5 meters long) allows you to enjoy the length you need and at the same time save space by storing it when not in use.

2. Scissors

In any type of garden, scissors are a must. This element is useful in trimming woody or soft plants, stems, and light branches, as they’re less heavy and easier to handle than large pruners. This is especially true when dealing with smaller shrubs.

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There are also “hedge trimmer” shears out there for more complicated work, such as cutting thick branches.

3. Mowing machines

In short, mowers have a place in large areas. Mowers can be hand-push or self-propelled with a seat. On the other hand, “brush cutters” are recommended for reaching hard-to-reach spots with the mower.

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4. A shovel to garden in the spring

Shovels are used for scooping, but they also help with planting. With a shovel, it’s possible to mark out the planting area, reach the required depth to bury bulbs, and remove organic material. You find them in large sizes, as well as smaller ones.

➡️ Garden shovels are very inexpensive tools, and it is always good to have one handy.

5. Rake

With a rake you pick up plant debris without damaging the grass. Look for one made of aluminum, because it is lighter. Also, check that there’s not too much distance between the tines.

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6. A garden knife

Some branches, strings, or flowers resist simple scissors. So you can turn to a knife as one of the essential spring gardening tools. But don’t grab a cutter from the kitchen drawer; in these cases, an earth knife is appropriate.

This is an optimal resource for cutting fruit, vegetable, and flowering plants. You can also use it to pull weeds and dig to a shallow depth for planting. The simpler the soil knife, the easier the handling and the better the results.

7. Hoe

For sowing spring plants, hoes are perfect if the soil is rocky, as they simplify the preparation of the soil. That is to say, with a hoe, you remove pieces and dig deep holes, and then return the soil to its normal state, without too much effort.

➡️ We advise you to always use a light hoe, valid for almost any type of particular garden (unless your land has very special needs).

8. Leaf blower

If a rake isn’t enough because you have several trees and bushes, it’s a good idea to have a blower. Gas and electric blowers are available. Either one is functional picking up leaves in awkward places for the rake.

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9. A sprinkler

Sprinklers are convenient mechanisms regulating watering in the spring. This prevents waterlogging, the consequences of which would be plant diseases and root rot. Thanks to these devices, the soil receives the relevant amounts of water, maintains compaction, and retains its nutrients.

It is preferable to have a sprinkler that allows adjusting the pressure and flow of water for a gentle spray. The best thing about these devices is the automation, so you don’t have to worry about being at home when it’s time to water the garden. Just program it and let it do its thing!

10. A wheelbarrow

In gardens that produce a relatively large amount of waste, it is good to have a wheelbarrow to move the garbage. Similarly, these “carts” are functional for carrying bricks, pots, fertilizers, and rocks, for example. If it’s within your means, get a wheelbarrow.

➡️ Garden wheelbarrows are very versatile tools, and if you opt for one, we recommend that it be sturdy and “good”, even if it seems like an expensive investment at first. It is a tool with a really long service life. For example, this wheelbarrow from TecTake is just over 100 euros.

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And what about the gardener? Other tools that make gardening in spring more comfortable

Just as tools are indispensable to carry out gardening work, it’s important for the gardener to have clothing that allows him to carry out the tasks with comfort and caution.

What are they? Here’s a list of them:

  • Boots: if your garden is on a balcony, you can skip the boots. This footwear is appropriate for walking on muddy ground or to avoid stepping on thorns in the grass.
  • Apron: aprons with pockets are practical for storing tools and keeping clothes clean. Make sure apron pockets are wide and made of strong fabrics.
  • Sturdy fabric pants: it’s quite common to kneel down to pull weeds, transplant, or plant seeds, to name a few examples. If you wear jeans or overalls, in both cases with reinforced knee pads, you won’t get hurt in the process.
  • Gloves: this is one of the most basic items in gardening, since you manipulate plants and soil without direct contact with the skin, protecting it from injuries caused by thorns or splinters. Gloves made of breathable and waterproof material that covers more than the wrists are preferable.

Remember that gardening tools also need care

Keeping tools in good condition is as fundamental as caring for the garden in spring. Otherwise, the plants will be harmed, according to the University School of Gardening Trades. In their publication, the institution suggests cleaning them every time you use them, using substances such as alcohol or machine oil, if it’s a motorized device.

In the same vein, the University of Minnesota Gardening Extension emphasizes the basic maintenance of the tools and making sure you have the proper place to store them. They add that omitting to sanitize such objects would result in the transmission of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could infect plants and soil.

Check what gardening tools you have at home for this spring, buy or borrow the ones you need and don’t forget to clean them. With all these tips, you will contribute to making your garden one of the most attractive of the season.

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