Spring is Here! Plant These 8 Bulbs in Your Garden to Fill it with Life and Color

Find out which bulbs you need to plant right now in your garden to make them bloom this spring. Here are 8 wonderful options for you!
Spring is Here! Plant These 8 Bulbs in Your Garden to Fill it with Life and Color

Last update: 02 November, 2023

With the arrival of spring, bulbs begin to bloom, filling any garden with color and vitality. If you haven’t planted yours yet, don’t worry; you have the chance to do it and enjoy all their beauty!

In addition to their natural charm, planting bulbous plants attracts a lot of attention. Contrary to what it seems, they require basic care and low maintenance to bloom.

Without further ado, let’s tell you about all about the bulbs you should plant right now in your garden. Choose the ones you want or plant them all. The result will be delightful!

Which bulbs should I plant in my garden?

There are many, many bulb plants, including iris, tulips, onions, and garlic. However, among that great variety are some that bloom specifically during the spring.

Of course, you should know that the right time to ensure spring flowering is to plant them in autumn.

However, there’s a good chance you can do it right now, just as the season begins, and enjoy their flowers before spring is over. With the necessary caveats, we tell you which bulbs you should plant in your garden to fill it with vitality, color, and elegance.

1. Crocus sativus or saffron

Crocus o azufre.
Crocus flowers.

The crocus is one of the most beautiful bulbs that can bloom in spring. It is even one of the fastest-blooming bulbs. From this bulb are born flowers of six petals in very varied colors, between blue, violet, yellow, white, and orange.

In addition, its petals are characterized by being lighter in the center, where they have yellow and orange pistils. Precisely, it’s from this plant that saffron is extracted, the culinary spice you have surely tasted.

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2. Iris germanica

The Iris germanica (Iris germanica) is another bulb that you should plant in your garden to fill it with color and elegance. This plant can reach 50 centimeters in height and blooms from spring to summer.

Its flowers are beautiful. They have three outward curving sepals that reach up to 12 centimeters long.

They can be born in different colors, including blue, white, red, yellow, and violet. A key point for correct and fast flowering is to plant the bulb in an area with good light.

3. Muscaris or Mediterranean flower

Muscaris o flor del mediterráneo es otro de los bulbos que debes sembrar en tu jardín en esta primavera.
The Mediterranean flower is another of the bulbs that you should plant in your garden this spring.

The muscari is also known as the “Mediterranean flower” and is distinguished from the bulbs we have talked about so far because its flowers are very different (they have the shape of a bunch of grapes). They are small flowers, which do not reach a height of 25 centimeters.

Mostly, you will always find blue muscaris, although there are also lilac, yellow, and white ones. Something fundamental in their care is that the bulbs should be planted at a depth of 12 centimeters, keeping a range of 8 centimeters between bulb and bulb.

4. Tulips

Tulipanes naranjas.
Tulips are ideal bulbs for planting in spring.

The tulip is the crown jewel of bulb plants and therefore can’t be missing from your garden. They are colorful, hardy, and very elegant flowers.

Their color range is so wide that many people have given tulips different meanings depending on their hue. For example, yellows represent friendship and joy, while pinks are related to youth and motherhood.

If you want your tulips to bloom, plant them at a depth of 10 centimeters and where they receive direct sunlight. Another basic care tip is that you should keep the substrate moist in dry seasons and prune faded flowers.

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5. Lily of the valley

Muguet o lirio del valle.
Lily of the valley is listed as a toxic plant.

Lily of the valley is known as “lily of the valley” and stands out among many bulb plants because it fills the garden or home with a delightful fragrance. That’s right: it can be grown in pots to enjoy indoors.

Its flowers look like little bells attached to a stem and it is just from them that the delicious aroma that characterizes it comes out. However, there is something to keep in mind and that is that it is considered a toxic plant, both for children and pets.

6. Winter aconites

Acónitos del invierno.
Eranthis hyemalis or winter aconites.

Winter aconites are bulbous plants that stand out because they bloom faster than others. They have small, solitary flowers that are usually yellow and have a cup shape, from which stand out bright green bracts.

One aspect you should know about them is that they are sensitive to heat. Their flowers bloom when the temperature reaches about 10 degrees Celsius. The flowers are among the most sought-after by pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

7. Ornamental garlic

Los ajos también son bulbos y se pueden sembrar en el jardín.
Garlic is also a bulb and can be planted in the garden.

Many people don’t know this, but garlic is considered a bulb plant. In fact, some are used decoratively because they bloom beautifully.

You’ll see that from a tall, erect stalk come their flowers that are clustered in a pompom that glows deep lilac, pink or mauve. It is grown in two ways:

  1. Bulbs
  2. Seeds: the latter method is not recommended because it takes longer to germinate

8. Imperial crown or fritillaria

Corona imperial o fritilaria
Fritillaria imperialis L.

Let’s finish this list of bulbs that you should plant in your garden to fill it with color in spring with a real gem: the imperial crown. This plant has flowers that stand out for their yellow and orange colors, in addition to the striking shape of its flowers.

It has an erect stem that at the tip has tall leaves and flowers that are medium, falling like bells. This aspect looks like a crown. The larger the bulbs are, the faster they will grow and bloom.

Which bulbs will you plant in your garden?

We share with you 8 different bulbs that you can plant in your garden to enjoy their beauty, color, and elegance during spring. You can choose the ones you want. Remember that, in general, their care is quite simple, which is a great advantage if you don’t have much time.

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