Your Tongue Can Reveal The State of Your Emotions and Health

Did you know that your tongue can reveal your emotional state and your health? Learn how to read your tongue to identify any problems with your health in this article.
Your Tongue Can Reveal The State of Your Emotions and Health
Abel Verdejo

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Last update: 01 August, 2022

The tongue is one of the most informative muscles our body has. In addition to performing digestive functions, your tongue can reveal how healthy or unhealthy your body is, as well as your emotional state. Learning to read the tongue can help guide your to discover different ailments.

This is because the tongue is endowed with thousands of nerve endings associated with different body organs. When something is not going well in our body, the tongue can perceive it. Then, through different messages such as changes in color, texture, or a stain, the tongue can let us know that something is not quite right.

In this article, we want to give you a guide of the things your tongue can reveal about the states of your emotions and overall health. You can put it into practice by observing your tongue in front of a mirror and analyzing every detail.

Let’s take a look!

A pink tongue with an even appearance: Good health

Lengua con escarlatina.
This type of tongue means that we’re healthy and that we have a good lifestyle in general. It’s a sign of good digestion and a good diet. In addition, emotionally, it indicates that we’re balanced.

A red tongue: Throat problems

If the color of your tongue is reddish, that may be indicating that you have a problem in the throat or in one of your internal organs. It’s also a sign of excessive fat consumption and digestive problems.

On an emotional level, this may be indicating that the person gets stressed very easily when they have to change the environment.

A dry and reddish tongue: A high fever

lengua reseca y rojiza

This state of your tongue can reveal a high fever, especially if the tip is a red tone. Emotionally, this type of tongue is typical of people who tend to be easily irritated and stressed.

Small ulcers on the tongue: A viral or fungal infection

They usually appear when there is some viral or fungal infection. They also occur due to deficiencies of vitamin C and A, as well as excessive consumption of refined foods, fats, and sugar, among others.

On an emotional level, this type of tongue may indicate that the person is constantly upset and remains anxious and stressed. Also, it’s typical of people who suffer from anger that’s repressed. If possible, you should frequently check your oral hygiene and consult a doctor to see if there’s any infection that needs to be treated.

Swollen taste buds: Nutritional deficiencies

papilas gustativas inflamadas

This is a clear symptom of nutritional deficiencies. It’s very important to follow the dietary recommendations if you have a white tongue, as eating well is key to combating this problem.

If possible, brush your tongue gently with your toothbrush every time you clean your teeth. Emotionally, this tongue color can reveal a state of stress and difficulty adapting to change.

A tongue with a white coating: Digestive problems

This type of tongue is a clear symptom that the person is having digestive and intestinal problems. This may be due to excessive saturated fats or refined sugars and flour consumption. Also, it may indicate that the person has toxemia, which is the accumulation of toxins in the intestines and blood, leading to other health problems.

If you notice that a white coating covers your tongue, you must change your eating habits and opt for a cleansing diet that eliminates saturated fats, refined foods, dairy, and all kinds of fried foods.

On an emotional level, this color tongue reveals a nervous or anxious state. In this sense, it’s important that you remember that these emotional states can lead to digestion problems and a malfunction of several vital organs for health. This is especially the case when you experience them for a long period of time..

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A very smooth tongue may reveal nutritional deficiencies

Next, this is a type of language that may also indicate a picture of anemia in addition to revealing nutritional deficiencies. In this case, the most recommended plan of action is to increase your consumption of foods rich in vitamin C and iron.

Emotionally, this color tongue may indicate that you’re prone to depression and discouragement.

A swollen tongue may indicate anemia

Did you know that your tongue can reveal your emotional state and your health? Learn how to read your tongue to identify any problems with your health in this article.
The multiple functions of the tongue make it a priority to take care of it, not to alter the taste or phonation.

Finally, this is a type of tongue that also occurs as a symptom of decreased hemoglobin levels in the blood (better known as anemia).

A tongue that looks like a map

Finally, if your tongue looks like a map because it has similar “drawings” on its surface that can be pink, red, or white, there could be various reasons for this.

It may be a hereditary factor, but it may indicate that you suffer from an allergy or intolerance to certain foods when it appears and disappears. Emotionally, people with this type of tongue tend to be very sensitive and prone to getting bothered by anything that irritates them.

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