What is Homefullness and What Are the Benefits?

Learn about a trend in decoration that seeks to enhance living spaces for maximum well-being and comfort.
What is Homefullness and What Are the Benefits?

Last update: 30 May, 2023

There’s nothing like coming home after a day out to rest and relax. Thus, every home should be a space for family members to feel comfortable, safe, and at ease. In this regard, a new trend has emerged that seeks to enhance that feeling of pleasure and well-being. Have you heard about homefullness?

When decorating a home, many factors have traditionally been taken into account with respect to functionality and aesthetics. However, in recent years, decorating styles have been adopted whose purpose is to promote mental and emotional well-being. In this sense, homefullness has an interesting proposal. Here, we’ll tell you all about it.

What is homefullness?

Homefullness is one of the decorative trends that has gained more strength during 2022 and that, for sure, will continue to be applied in the coming years. It has its inspiration in mindfulness, a method that seeks to exercise being in the here and now, in the enjoyment of the here and now. It is about being fully aware of what surrounds us. It seeks to promote tranquility and well-being.

According to the St. Hutt Centre institution, homefullness is a word that means “the feeling of security, control, and confidence that comes with having a place to call home.” It’s about that joy that supports the phrase “home sweet home”: that space where we can be ourselves, have privacy, and keep our most precious objects and enjoy time with our loved ones.

To this end, this trend aims to enhance feelings around wellness, relaxation, tranquility, and security within living spaces. It’s about turning the home into a haven of peace and comfort, which allows us to free ourselves from stress and feel totally at ease and comfortable.

Applied to decoration, it seeks that through the elements, colors, and shapes that make up the home, harmonious spaces that generate a feeling of coziness and serenity are generated.

Decoración casa
Homefullness proposes to decorate the home with natural elements that inspire relaxation and tranquility.

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The benefits of homefullness

Homefullness is associated with several benefits. First of all, it’s clear that feeling at ease and enjoying a space is a positive thing. Having an environment in which to feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable favors a good rest, helps reduce stress levels, and promotes relaxation.

On the other hand, when you have a home designed to generate comfort and proper functioning of the house, it is also much easier to take care of your health. Elements that favor ergonomics, rest, and relaxation will contribute to maintaining a good physical and mental state.

In fact, it is a style of decoration in which details related to temperature, humidity, smells, and sounds are all taken care of. Therefore, it goes far beyond aesthetics.

Tips to apply this style of decoration

Homefullness is closely related to other styles that are in trend as well. Some of the factors that go along with it are the following:

  • Warm minimalism
  • The use of neutral, yet cozy colors
  • Adoption of natural and sustainable materials
  • Presence of nature in the home
  • Good lighting

Here are some tips for you to apply homefullness in your home and enjoy its benefits.

Keep your home neat and clean

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is one of the mottos that would best suit homefullness. Tidy, clean, and functional spaces generate well-being in those who use them. There’s nothing like arriving at a balanced and harmonious place that smells good, has no dirt, and allows us to comfortably perform the tasks we want.

On the contrary, when there are saturated, cluttered, and dirty areas, people often experience feelings of overwhelm and chaos. In fact, clutter can contribute to stress and reduce the desire to get home.

Use natural materials and plants

Nature is a great ally to reduce stress and create warm, relaxing, and aesthetic environments. A publication of the scientific journal Journal of Physiological Anthropology reported that indoor plants help reduce stress since they favor the reduction of cortisol. In addition, they increase the feeling of well-being.

Plants will certainly make every place cozier. Likewise, flowers add color to spaces and create a more eye-catching atmosphere. And that’s not to mention that some of them absorb humidity and purify the air.

On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to use natural materials, because they tend to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Wood, bamboo, glass, linen, cotton, and fique are some of these recommended materials. In any case, plastic should be avoided.

Buy functional and ergonomic furniture

When choosing furniture and objects that will be part of the furniture and decoration of your home, it is essential to take into account its functionality. That is, they must respond to the needs of the members of the household.

For example, when designing a study or work area, a choice of chairs, desks, and sofas should be made to promote good posture and ergonomics. In this way, teleworking and virtual study will be more enjoyable.

The same applies to beds and other furniture. They should be chosen in such a way that they make life easier and more comfortable. Gone are the days when people used to buy nice and beautiful furniture, but that did not offer much comfort.

As for children’s rooms, choose furniture that makes them want to be there, but that is also safe and comfortable.

Use emotionally meaningful elements

When decorating a house you have to keep in mind that the elements must connect on an emotional level with those who live there. If you want a house to feel like a home, you must have objects that you like and that you feel as yours.

Putting a family photo, a souvenir of a trip or a gift from a loved one is a good way to feel the warmth of home.

Enhance your senses

One way to make a space more comfortable is to have an atmosphere that delights the senses. In this regard, having a good aromatizer is essential. You can choose to put a scent diffuser with essential oils or use the perfume of your choice.

It is also a great idea to have blankets, cushions, or elements that have pleasant textures and invite you to rest. There’s nothing like coming home on a rainy and cold afternoon and wrapping yourself in a blanket to watch TV or take a nap.

Difusor con aceite de tanaceto azul.
The use of aroma diffusers is a good complement to create more harmonious environments.

Don’t forget to keep your housemate’s opinions in mind

Finally, don’t forget that homefullness is about enhancing the feeling of well-being and comfort when you get home. So, every space should feel like a pleasant and safe place for everyone. Before making any changes to the décor, it’s best to consult with the other members of your household. Brainstorming together can be a good idea. It’s also worth taking your time and exploring various options to find what words best.

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