3 Ways to Reduce a Double Chin and Tone the Neck

A sagging chin or jowls usually appear after the age of 30 as a result of hormonal changes, but with the proper diet and by performing daily sets of exercises, it’s possible to reduce their appearances.
3 Ways to Reduce a Double Chin and Tone the Neck
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Last update: 09 October, 2022

Jowls are the build-up of fatty tissue underneath the chin. They’re the cause of a very annoying aesthetic problem known commonly as a double chin. Like any other region where fat tends to collect in the body, jowls can affect both men and women, especially in adulthood.

Why do jowls appear? Obesity or being overweight are often the causes of fat in this region. Bad habits like leading a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, poor diet, genetics, or hormonal changes can all cause these as well.

When a person reaches between the ages of 28 to 30 years old, hormone levels are relatively low. After 30, and as time continues to pass, hormonal factors that are associated with fat, begin to change. More so, this annoying problem tends to grow in both men and women.

This is the time when many people begin to suffer from problems associated with localized regions of fat, not only under the chin but in other parts of the body – such as the abdomen, thighs, back, or buttocks.

How can you prevent or reduce the appearance of a double chin?

Like any other area with localized stores of fat, the jowls are a tough area to target. It will require special effort to eliminate that excess fat. Lots of people who are overweight or obese succeed in losing many pounds through diet and exercise.

However, they might forget to work the region around the chin, resulting in this area not reflecting the same level of trimness as the rest of their bodies. What can you do to prevent and reduce the appearance of jowls?

Fight fluid retention

Fluid retention


The excessive consumption of alcohol, sugars, and salt is linked to the annoying appearance of jowls. These items don’t just increase the amount of fatty tissue in the body, they also cause fluid retention. In other words, they make parts of the body including the face appear more swollen.

It’s important to avoid consuming these items in excess and to increase your intake of water to stay hydrated. Ironically, a body that’s dehydrated is more likely to retain fluids and other harmful substances.

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Fight food allergies

People who have intolerances or allergies to certain foods like gluten sensitivity or irritable bowel syndrome are more likely to form jowls. If your stomach is inflamed or the abdomen is distended, it is a sign that something’s wrong with your digestive system. Eventually, this can affect the formation of a double chin.

According to the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders, the cause of the inflammation isn’t clear, but gases that build up in the intestine seem to be associated with these intolerances.

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Exercises to reduce jowls

Double chin

Aside from taking the above recommendations into account, one effective way to reduce jowls is by following an exercise routine. This routine helps tone and remove fat around the neck area and under the chin.

These exercises are great for reducing a double chin. Also, they are an ideal alternative to an extreme method like surgery, and can also help prevent jowls from returning.

  • To begin, tilt your head to one side and hold that position while touching the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and repeat 10 to 15 times. Then, lean your head to the other side and repeat the exercise.
  • Next, lie on your back, relax the muscles of your face. Then, try to flex your head until your chin almost touches your chest. Do this 10 times and gradually build up to repetitions of up to 50 times.
  • Lastly, for the final exercise, you’re going to sit on a chair and press your back firmly against it. Then, you’ll tilt your head backward to look at the ceiling. Holding this position, try to stretch your head forward, as if you’re pretending to try to kiss the ceiling. Do this several times and after, relax.

Most importantly, to get the best results, you need to be consistent with these exercises and have patience. You may not see immediate results, but with dedication, you’ll achieve your goal. Remember, a healthy diet is always key to losing any weight as well.

If your jowls are very large, however, it may be best to see a specialist and explore other alternatives, such as surgery.

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