Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

Boy or girl? This question many parents have has been resolved in different ways in the popular sphere. Some are more curious than others!
Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

Last update: 27 May, 2022

Many homemade methods have been proposed in the popular sphere to know the sex of a baby, from old tables to tricks with rings or oils.

Although none of them are backed by science and are merely folkloric or speculative, they’re very interesting, since they offer a particular perspective on the emotions the arrival of a new baby creates.

For this reason, people are encouraged to resort to them to try to have more clues about the baby that’s about to be born. Do you know someone who’s tried one? Are you planning to try them out? In any case, read on to find out more!

Home tricks for guessing your baby’s gender

Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

The ring method

It consists of hanging a smooth ring (like a wedding ring) on a gold chain as a pendulum.

Put the pendulum over the woman’s hand. Depending on how the ring moves, you’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl. According to this tradition, if it moves from side to side, it’s a boy. If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl.

Mathematical formulas

You can calculate formulas based on the age of the pregnant woman, plus the month of birth, plus the month of conception (this starts 14 days after the first day of her period).

According to this theory, if the resulting number is even, the child will be a girl. If the number is odd, the baby will be a boy.

The oil test

Pour some oil drops on the highest part of the mother’s stomach. If the oil rolls off quickly, the baby is a boy. If it doesn’t, the baby is a girl.

The shape of the stomach

Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

Some also say that nature “talks” to us through shapes, and that you can figure out a baby’s gender based on the shape of the mother’s stomach. When the mother’s stomach is round, the child is a girl. If it’s pointy, it’s a boy.

The Chinese pregnancy chart

Among the traditional methods, there’s the Chinese or Maya pregnancy chart. These work well. They use the mother’s age and the date of conception.


Among the most beautiful sounds for a mother is the sound of a baby’s heartbeat. They also say that the frequency of these beats can give you very useful information. You can use this to guess your baby’s gender.

If the baby’s heart beats more than 140 times per minute, it’s a girl. If the heartbeat is slower than that, the baby is a boy.

The red cabbage test

This vegetable isn’t among the most appetizing foods during pregnancy. However, it can be very useful in this case.

When you boil it, keep the water you cooked it in. To know your baby’s gender, you need to mix some drops of urine with this water. If the water turns purple, the baby will be a boy. If it turns pink, the baby will be a girl.

The garlic trick

Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

For mothers who like this ingredient, garlic is a perfect test. If you notice that your skin smells bad when you eat garlic, you’ll have a boy. If your skin doesn’t smell at all, it’s a girl.

The baby’s position

If the baby is laying on its back in your belly, it’ll be a girl. If it’s lying face down, the baby will be a boy.

Sweet or salty

Cravings can also indicate the baby’s gender. When you have cravings for sweets like chocolates, cookies, or candies, you’re likely expecting a baby girl. If you choose French fries or any kind of salty snack, you’re having a boy.

Baking soda test

To do this test, you need to get a cup of water with baking soda. Then add a few tablespoons of urine. If it produces bubbles, you’ll have a boy. If nothing happens and the liquid doesn’t change, you have a girl.

Pimples on your face

Tricks for Discovering Your Baby's Gender at Home

Sometimes during pregnancy, you get some pimples on your face. In ancient times, they said that women who got pimples had a baby girl in their womb. When the mother didn’t have any acne problems, they said that she had a baby boy.

The mother’s face during pregnancy

Over the course of the pregnancy, the woman’s face has a tendency to get more round. This is basically caused by weight gain. Traditionally, it was thought that this happened because she was probably pregnant with a girl. If the mother’s face stays normal, she’ll have a boy.

The influence of testosterone

During pregnancy, body hair can grow in some areas of the body. According to this method, if body hair grows more quickly than normal, the testosterone is taking effect and the baby is a boy. If it’s the opposite, the baby is a girl.

Are you going to try one of these tricks?

As we mentioned above, these methods aren’t an exact science. They’re a combination of beliefs, speculations and, in some cases, also superstitions.

If you’re looking to have fun and let your imagination fly, take advantage of them. On the other hand, if you want to have more precise data, then it’s best to go see your doctor to discover the sex of your baby.

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