Tips and Natural Remedies for a Healthy Liver

· August 8, 2015
Sometimes, due to the complexity of its tasks, the liver ends up becoming saturated or contracting some kind of disease. By eating certain foods and drinking herbal teas we can help detoxify the liver.

The liver is the second largest organ in the body – followed by the skin. In addition to being essential in the digestive process and detoxification, this organ carries out about 500 different duties, and one of its principal tasks is to filter around a liter of blood per minute when it’s in an optimal state. During this filtration process, the liver cleans the blood of substances such as hormones, drugs, medicines, chemicals, germs and toxins.

About 500 million people are infected with chronic viral hepatitis worldwide, and nearly one million of them die each year from liver failure or liver cancer. However, many of these deaths can be prevented by a diet that provides liver care and, above all, ensures optimum performance of the liver’s functions. Let’s concentrate on the care you must provide to keep your liver healthy; everything is based on a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and as much as possible preventing the contraction of any type of hepatitis.

Symptoms of liver problems

  • Jaundice, spots, red nose, acne and various skin diseases. Sticky mouth, indigestion, nausea, gas, chills during the first hours of digestion.
  • Poor evacuation, constipation or diarrhea, stool with lots of color, intestinal cramps, bloating, anal itching, parasites, demineralization, anemia, diabetes, obesity or thinness, appendicitis, difficulty falling asleep.
  • Dark urine, pain under the right ribs, headaches, cirrhosis, abscesses, gallstones in the liver, vision or hearing defects, swollen legs, rheumatism, sclerosis, glandular imbalance, discomfort during menstruation.
  • Sterility or male impotence, emotional problems and instability, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis, bleeding tendency, prone to mosquito bites, and even cancer.

Occasionally it is vital to help heal your liver. The liver performs so many complex tasks that it can have problems functioning properly and it can also contract infectious diseases; but there are natural products that can help promote a healthy liver.

Natural products that help your liver


Called the liver plant, Boldo is known for its properties that help regenerate and care for this organ. This plant contains boldine, an alkaloid that stimulates the production of bile, the secretion of uric acid and gastric juices, which helps the liver carry out its work, making it more efficient. In addition, this plant is a fungicide and antioxidant, and more importantly, an anti-inflammatory. It can be consumed as an infusion or tea using its leaves. Boldo can also be found in tablet form sold in health food stores. We can drink it after lunch and dinner to improve digestion and liver function. In addition, at night is when the liver increases its work and drinking an infusion after dinner will help to eliminate toxins more efficiently.


Undoubtedly, garlic is one of the best foods for cleansing the liver naturally. It activates enzymes that remove toxins, while selenium and allicin found in garlic keep the liver clean and healthy. It is also very easy to add it to foods, so eating more garlic is a healthy habit that will improve the health of your liver.

Whole grains


Brown rice and other whole grain cereals contain high levels of B complex vitamins. These help the liver function in multiple ways, including improving the metabolism of fats, the decongestion of the liver and improving its general function. Try to avoid foods made with white flour and opt for whole wheat alternatives instead.

Cruciferous vegetables

These vegetables are powerful for detoxifying the liver, since they contain chemicals that neutralize certain toxins such as nitrosamines found in cigarette smoke. They also contain glucosinolates that help the liver to produce the enzymes it needs for its detoxification process. Some cruciferous vegetables are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage.

Antioxidants from fruits

According to a study by Tufts University, it was found that the following list of fruits had the highest levels of antioxidants:

  • Plums
  • Raisins
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Oranges
  • Pink grapefruit
  • Melon
  • Apples
  • Pears

Antioxidants help protect the liver from the high levels of free radicals that are produced naturally during the detoxification process. So do not hesitate to include these in your diet.

And you, what do you do to keep your liver healthy?