5 Tips for Raising a Healthy Teenager

It's not easy being a teenager, but you - as a parent - don't need to make it more difficult. Learn how to help raise a healthy teenager in this article.
5 Tips for Raising a Healthy Teenager
Bernardo Peña

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Last update: 15 December, 2022

Let’s face it: being a teenager isn’t easy. If your teenager is having troubles, don’t worry: it’s probably a product of the way they see the world during this stage in their life. It’s important to support them through their physical and psychological changes to raise a healthy teenager and keep them out of trouble.

Adolescence is the stage in life when a child begins to experience changes that alter their feelings, tastes, and opinions. They can shift wildly and their imagination is also much more active during this time. There’s a high probability that your child will show signs of rebellion as a teenager.

Responding with aggression, ignoring their parents, slamming doors, and shouting are all behaviors that indicate your child has reached this difficult stage.

In this article, we’ll offer some advice on how to make it easier for them and ensure you raise a healthy teenager.

Tips for Raising a Healthy Teenager

Find out what they like and what makes them happy

To reach this point, you’ll need to have open and effective communication with your teenager.

It’s important that you communicate your peace of mind when you share ideas and let them know that their parents are the best friends and confidants they can have. Your child will therefore feel more secure when talking to you.

It will also make it easier for them to turn to you if they need support or help with a complex situation.

Encourage their goals

Goals are essential in life and help your child grow as a person. Having goals is essential a need for progress, which is constantly developing and reaches all aspects of life: emotional, social, and personal.

If your teenager learns to set goals and works to achieve them, they’ll grow up with the knowledge that they are capable of achieving what they want and becoming a successful adult. You have to teach them that they can fulfill all their objectives with commitment and determination.

However, be very careful to ensure that the goals are theirs, not your goals for them. 

Encourage your child to have good relationships with their friends

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Friends can be decisive in the development of a teenage child. At this stage, young people spend more time with their friends than in other activities, so pay attention to anything related to their social circle.

The most important thing is how they treat their friends. Teach your child to be respectful and considerate of others. You should also be aware of how they are treated by their peers.

If they feel left out or develop low self-esteem, it’s normal for your teenager to release that frustration at home. If this is occurring, talk to them to find out what’s happened and help them find a solution to the problem.

Help them develop good self-esteem

It’s normal for teenagers to develop low self-esteem, which is partly due to the physical changes they undergo during this stage. It can lead to dramatic mood swings, depression, and aggressive behavior.

To help them develop good self-esteem, you need to compliment them each time they achieve a goal or exhibit healthy behaviors.

Make sure they know you’re proud of them and that you always accept them as who they are.

Encourage healthy activities

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Extracurricular activities can have countless benefits for the mind and body. After school workouts will benefit their physical development and overall performance. If your child has a more artistic nature, they’ll improve their intellectual aptitude and motor skills.

These activities help teenagers release frustration and anger. It’s also time that they can spend socializing or exploring their talents.

Encourage them to volunteer

During adolescence, it’s normal for a teenager to only worry about themselves. Everyday situations stress them out and they forget about all the wonderful things they have in their lives.

By involving your teenager in charitable causes, they’ll develop empathy for those around them. These activities can help them connect with other people and prevent them from becoming overly selfish.

Make your home a calm and healthy place

Having a harmonious home environment can make your child feel more comfortable and want to spend more time there. Good family communication will also make it easier for them to talk about any uncomfortable situations.

Remember that only through good communication can you help your child find a solution to the problems they may be having.

Spend time with them doing things they enjoy

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Even if you’re having problems with your teenager, find a way to spend more time together. The simple fact that you care and want to spend quality time with them will improve your parent-child relationship and strengthen their confidence.

In Conclusion

Adolescence is a complicated stage for any child. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to raise a very healthy teenager.

You need to understand that during this time of their, lives they’re starting to pull away from parental protections and becoming more independent. This will ultimately help them become responsible adults with their own goals.

To raise a healthy teenager, therefore, you need to maintain open and constant communication with them. This will allow them to talk about the things that bother or hurt them without forcing them to express this through negative behaviors at home.

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