The Declutter Method: What It Is and How It Helps

Give a new opportunity to the spaces in your home by getting rid of unnecessary objects and gaining space with the declutter method. Learn how here!
The Declutter Method: What It Is and How It Helps

Written by Jonatan Menguez

Last update: 30 December, 2022

Few situations can transmit as much anxiety as arriving home and finding visual chaos. It’s clear that if you don’t dedicate at least a couple of hours a week to cleaning and organization, the corners of your home become disorderly in a matter of a few days. Fortunately, getting tidy spaces by getting rid of unnecessary objects is possible with the declutter method.

The main idea is to get rid of what isn’t being used, whether it be because it’s broken, you don’t like it, or because it’s already obsolete. In a society with great consumerist tendencies, the accumulation of objects has become a problem in many homes. This situation can lead to disorganized environments, which transmit this general chaos to your own head, contributing to discouragement and stress.

What is the “declutter” method?

the declutter method
The declutter method will help you to regain harmony in your home.

The problem with disorder isn’t just about losing things. A house in a state of chaos, where objects are scattered everywhere and mountains of clothes are formed, can enhance the feeling of tiredness and frustration.

However, it’s not necessary to suffer from hoarder’s syndrome or compulsive hoarding for this. Living in a society where the consumption of goods is linked to happiness, it’s common to acquire objects that end up being useless – or, at best, being used for a short period of time. To begin to reverse this, there’s a practice called the “declutter method”.

This is an instance in which the priority is cleaning, tidiness, and, above all, detachment from what is no longer needed. The term declutter means “to clear” in English. From such action, a few minutes a day are allocated to restore visual and physical peace to all areas of the home.

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The benefits of the “declutter” method

There are many reasons why objects begin to accumulate in the corners of the home. It’s not necessary to get to the point of being a disorganized person. Sometimes, due to fear of ever needing it, out of emotional attachment, or out of pity, we end up keeping items that are really useless.

It’s common to forget about them and only find them during reorganization or moving days. The declutter method is based on the premise that suggests eliminating everything that gets in the way. Clearing spaces in the home to make them more useful has a series of practical and emotional benefits:

  • More effective cleaning. In an organized house with just the right things, cleaning days are shorter and the work is easier.
  • Less dust. In the same sense, the accumulation of dust and dirt in the corners decreases.
  • Less stress. A cluttered landscape with piles of objects in the corners can increase the feeling of tiredness and frustration, and contribute to stress.
  • Better concentration. On the contrary, an organized and uncluttered room favors concentration and creativity.
  • Savings: It’s likely that, during the practice of the decluttering method, forgotten objects will be found that will prevent you from buying them again. You may also be able to sell certain items.

Tips for implementing the decluttering method

Many cultures around the world practice rituals on specific dates to cleanse spaces of what they no longer use. For example, to start the year with renewed energy, in several Latin American nations, bonfires are usually set up where useless objects are burned.

The declutter method does not use these rituals, but it does propose a series of habits that contribute to cleansing the space. Sorting objects, discarding the old, and donating what is not used, even if it’s still in good condition, are all actions that contribute to the harmonization of the home.

Here’s how to do it.

Take stock

The first thing to do to start the declutter method is to analyze the general environment, diagram where to start, and establish priorities. Then, it’s advisable to have at least three large boxes. Among them, you can divide the items to be discarded, the that can be donated or sold, and the items that will be rearranged within your home.

Commit to the decluttering method

For many specialists, the most difficult part of the practice is the first step. Once it’s achieved, it’s a good idea to establish a daily or weekly time to dedicate to maintaining order. Also, you can think of a time limit that serves to seriously commit to the task. Some people recommend starting with the most chaotic area and making lists of the first steps to take.

Opt for minimalism

Minimalism, in interior decoration, is a style where only the essential elements are present. Although it’s not necessary to apply this trend to the decluttering method, it is worth bearing in mind. When reorganizing, try to be as minimalist as possible, leaving few objects in sight. This way, you can avoid quickly returning to a cluttered room.


Just like companies and businesses do with their archives, digitizing is a very effective way to save space. It can be applied to photo albums, books, notebooks, diaries, or films. Some physical copies may generate an emotional attachment, but the rest should be kept on a hard disk or in the Cloud.

Declutter your closet

the declutter method
Examine your closet and choose which clothes to keep and which to donate.

The closet is the space par excellence to apply the declutter method. Clothes are often no longer used, either because the size no longer fits or because they have a stain or hole. It may also happen that they’ve gone out of fashion or simply that your personal taste has changed.

For all these clothes, it’s advisable to reorganize them while being honest with what’s needed and what isn’t being used. In the second case, if the garment is in good condition, you can donate it. Finally, to avoid a new accumulation, it’s advisable to keep the closet tidy, with clothes sorted by color, size, or type.

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Avoid extremes

To avoid falling back into general disorder, you have to keep the consumerist impulse under control. Do not buy unnecessary items and instead concentrate on what will undoubtedly be useful.

However, on the other hand, it’s not necessary to get rid of everything or not feel attached to any element. It’s common that gifts, goods that are already years old, or memories of a time and place bring us a lot of joy. That’s why it’s all about generating a balance between your personal possessions and what you really need so that clutter doesn’t affect the peace and order of your home.

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