The Best Original Gifts for Men

When it comes to surprising men with a unique gift, the key is to look for an original present that suits their tastes. And if it's on sale, so much the better!
The Best Original Gifts for Men

Written by Editorial Team

Last update: 26 December, 2023

Finding original gifts for men isn’t always easy. After all, it’s all about finding something that will surprise them, that suits their tastes, and that they can really use. And although the simplest bets are often shirts, a pair of shoes, or socks, sometimes we want to try something new.

There’s a lot out there, and it can be difficult to choose one option or another. For this reason, it’s important to be clear about your budget, what tastes or hobbies the special man in your life has, and what relationship you have with him. Parting from this, you can explore the alternatives and choose the most suitable for the person and occasion.

From accessories to backpacks and sporting goods, a wide variety of offers are out there. To help you make a decision, in this article, we’ve compiled 11 original gift ideas that you can give, regardless of age. Which one are you going to choose?

Original gifts for men: Our top 3 favorites

As we indicated above, there are many gift ideas for men. And to make your task a little easier, we will give you our 3 favorite options. They are products that we have been able to test and have in our hands, so we are sure that they are of good quality and will make you look great with the person to whom you give them.

1. A wallet with a cardholder

Regalos para hombre: cartera con tarjetero Bewmer
Men’s wallet with a card holder from the Bewmer brand.

Looking for a neutral, functional gift for any taste? A wallet with a cardholder is one of the best options. Its elegant, discreet, and minimalist design is perfect for carrying credit or debit cards, bills, tickets, and even coins.

Unlike a generic wallet, these are more comfortable, lighter, and easier to carry. Its materials help keep cards and documents safe, as they prevent them from slipping out by accident.

It also has an RFID system that protects your cards from cloning. Without a doubt, this is a modern and useful gift for men of any age and profession.

2. A travel backpack

Regalos Originales para Hombre: Mochila de Viaje BidMamba
BidMamba Travel Backpack

A backpack is always a good gift for men who travel or have to move constantly from one place to another, for work. There are many options on the market; however, the 40 x 20 x 25 cm BidBamba is ideal to carry free with low-cost airlines, such as Vueling or Ryanair.

Why choose it? This is a very versatile travel bag, with four compartments that allow you to carry everything in an organized way. Perfect for safely carrying your computer, accessories, and clothes. It also has a front pocket, ideal for carrying your passport and other documents.

The best part? It can be used for more than just travel. Because of its design and materials, it’s also useful as a sports or work bag. So, it’s a gift that you can get a lot out of.

3. Bracelet with magnetic clasp

Regalos para Hombre: Pulsera con cierre magnético
Bracelet with magnetic clasp Wind Passion

Bracelets have a very special meaning as a gift: they are a token of affection, commitment, and loyalty. Best of all, they are elegant and timeless. Options like Wind Passion, handmade and with a very attractive magnetic clasp, can be used every day.

Its minimalist design goes great with almost any look – from sporty outfits to those for more formal situations.

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More options for original gifts for men

If your special man already has our recommended gifts, then you can go for any of the following options. In this list, we indicate gifts that we have not tested, but that have good reviews from their users. In addition, they are very diverse: there are alternatives for athletes, readers or even technology fans.

1. Adjustable dumbbells

This is one of the most recommended original gifts for men who love fitness. The adjustable dumbbells attract attention for its functionality, portability, and benefits. If you know that he’s passionate about training, it will be a very successful gift.

These tools usually come in a case with several adjustable and removable parts. It offers weight variants, ranging from 15 to 50 kilograms. In this way, they can be adapted to various exercise routine objectives and different levels of physical demand.

2. A massage roller

One of the most demanded accessories to complement physical training routines is the massage roller. Therefore, this is another of the original gifts that you can consider for men who love sports.

This is a cylinder-shaped element, made of foam rubber, which has the function of reducing the tension of the muscles to promote rest and prevent injuries . It’s portable, so it can be used both at home and at the gym.

3. A folding computer table

For men who work on the computer most of the time, a folding computer table is a good gift option. They are useful for working, studying, reading, or writing. They adapt easily to different spaces, including the bed.

They also have a reclining and adjustable top, which allows you to adjust the height to different needs. Their materials are firm, yet lightweight, hence easy to move anywhere.

4. Personalized mugs

One of the classic gifts that never go out of style is the personalized mug. Despite being a simpler gift, it has a very special meaning. It’s a way of expressing closeness and affection.

The most interesting thing? They can be designed for any occasion: from Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and even Valentine’s Day.

5. Watches

Watches continue to be a favorite accessory for men; they complement any style, are practical, and reveal elegance and good taste. They are perfect as gifts for birthdays, weddings, graduations, or any memorable date.

Something we love about them is that there is something for everyone: sporty, modern with built-in technology and the watches with quartz caseback.

6. A book about emotional intelligence

Nowadays, the proper management of emotions is considered one of the most important pillars to achieve success in all areas of life. Why not give a tool to help in this regard? Dr. Marian Rojas Estapé’s book “Cómo hacer que te pasen buenas cosas” is a great option.

This book addresses the importance of overcoming the past, living in the present, and looking forward to the future. It also teaches how to deal with fears and negative emotions, so that they do not hinder the achievement of goals. A great gift for those who love reading!

7. A facial care kit

Who said that skincare routines are exclusive to women? More and more men are interested in taking care of their skin and preventing premature signs of aging. So, one of the most original gifts you can give is a male facial care kit.

In this, you can include anti-aging moisturizing creams, eye contour products, sunscreen, acne treatments, scrubs, beard balms, among other options. You will be surprised to know how much they like to take care of themselves!

8. Smart speakers

Something that we could not miss in this list of original gifts for men is the smart speaker. This new device is here to stay because of its interesting functions. One of the most recommended is the Echo Dot with Alexa, which includes an innovative system, powerful sound, and clearer voices.

This gift allows you to control music and other types of content from any of the spaces in the house, perfect for enjoying podcasts on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and other similar services. It also has Bluetooth to connect to other devices, and in some cases to control them by voice.

Another point to highlight is that Alexa will always be available to answer questions about the weather or any other topic. Additionally, it provides the option to set timers and alarms, and can even be an alarm clock.

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Consider the needs of your “special man” to choose the best gift

The key to choosing one of the best original gifts for men is to be detailed and know the tastes and needs of the person you’re going to give the gift to. For example, it may seem to you that a set of weights is a very special gift, but if the man in question isn’t an athlete, then it’s guaranteed that he won’t use it.

As we have mentioned, the ideal is to give something that is useful and reflects his personality. Pay attention to details such as his favorite music and color, if he is a technological person, or if he has a classic style. By taking all this into account, you’ll find the perfect present!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.