The Benefits of LipoContrast to Fight Fat

With LipoContrast, fat cells are subjected to a heat-cold-heat exposure sequence. This thermal shock causes the breakdown of the adipocytes. Discover the benefits of LipoContrast in this article.
The Benefits of LipoContrast to Fight Fat
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Last update: 15 December, 2022

LipoContrast is a non-invasive technique that’s very effective in reducing localized fat. It’s a technique that’s developing all the time, and its results are practically immediate. Discover all the benefits of LipoContrast today!

When you gain weight or accumulate more fat, you don’t increase the number of fat cells in your body. In fact, what really happens is that the fat cells simply increase in size.

The amount of fat cells we have is determined by childhood and genetics. What LipoContrast does is actually reduce the number of actual fat cells. Therefore, by having fewer fat cells, you’ll look thinner. Studies show that overweight people tend to have more fat cells than those of normal weight.

The benefits of LipoContrast

LipoContrast works through a process called thermal contrast lipolysis. It isolates the fat tissue inside an applicator and then subjects it to a triple heat-cold-heat thermal shock that attacks the fat cells. This process follows automated time, temperature, and energy parameters through software.

Our fat cells are full of saturated fatty acids, which are vulnerable to temperature changes. However, with LipoContrast, the fat cells are subjected to the heat-cold-heat exposure sequence. This thermal shock causes the rupture of the adipocytes, which leads to their crystallization and eventual destruction.

The effect occurs almost immediately, and it disables a part of each fat cell. At the same time, the other parts of the fat cells enter into a process of apoptosis or destruction. The body’s natural processes will then eliminate these in the space of a few weeks.

The wide range of areas that you can treat with LipoContrast is due to its multiple treatment applicators. These applicator heads are of different sizes and are, therefore, suitable for different parts of the body.

Experts can use them on the abdomen, sides, back, arms, cartilage, knees, and the chest in men. Also, this system is suitable for reducing fibrous fat.

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How long does it take to see the results?

Excess fat.
One of the benefits of LipoContrast is the reduction of fat in a more localized and less invasive way.

The results obtained with this treatment are almost immediate. Therefore, after one session, it’s possible to eliminate up to a third of the treated fat tissue.

In this way, experts can confirm that LipoContrast achieves a 3 times faster and superior fat reduction compared to normal cryolysis procedures.

Approximately 80% of the final result is obtained after 20 days. Also, this technique prevents the trauma of invasive methods such as liposuction. It also offers the advantage of avoiding the possible risks of damage to surrounding tissues that can occur with other techniques such as laser, radiofrequency, or ultrasound.

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Duration of the treatment

A stomach scan.
This system should only be used by trained and certified specialists.

The number of sessions per area to be treated depends on the depth of the fat tissue. Depending on this, between one and three sessions may be necessary, with a minimum interval of four weeks.

The duration of each session is usually one hour. Also, it has the advantage of not needing a recovery period. In this way, the patient can return to normal daily activity immediately after treatment.

LipoContrast should only be used by fully trained and certified medical professionals and estheticians. They should have full training, to be able to answer the patient’s questions, as well as to evaluate if this treatment is recommended.

Lipocontrast Duo is the most advanced body contouring system available today. It’s the latest and most advanced clinically-proven fat reduction system.

Using the Duo heads, this system lets you treat two areas of the body at the same time. Also, with the possibility of treating two areas at the same time, you can reduce treatment time and increase efficiency.

If you have any questions about this process, make sure to ask your doctor or a trained medical professional.

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