The Advantages of Having a Dehumidifier at Home

Having a dehumidifier at home isn’t a luxury or a matter of aesthetics. Due to its functions, it may help avoid allergies. What are the best options?
The Advantages of Having a Dehumidifier at Home

Last update: 15 December, 2022

In most households, not to say all of them, some areas are susceptible to moisture problems. Either because there’s little ventilation, they’re in continuous contact with water, or they’re made of certain materials. They gradually accumulate moisture, mildew, and unpleasant odors. So, do you know the advantages of having a dehumidifier?

While many people think that a dehumidifier is a luxury device, the truth is that having one at home provides benefits beyond preventing stains on the walls. Since you’ll get rid of the mold and mites that thrive in these environments, having one at home also positively affects your health.

And, as a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives states, moisture and mold are associated with an increased risk of allergies and respiratory problems. Considering this, we know that having a dehumidifier is synonymous with well-being. So, we decided to share the benefits of this device and what the best options are in this article.

What’s a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device that controls the moisture that builds up in different areas of a home, especially those with poor ventilation. It operates with an evaporator through which a stream of air passes that causes moisture to condense and remain accumulated in a tank.

Then, when the air dries and cools, it passes through a condenser that allows the room to recover its temperature to reduce the moisture level. As we mentioned above, all this has important advantages. On one hand, it prevents spaces, furniture, and appliances from deteriorating due to moisture and, on the other, it helps keep your family healthy.

Obviously, you’ll find many different brands and models on the market. However, if you want a quality and beneficial dehumidifier, we recommend De’Longhi dehumidifiers, best-sellers that are also certified by Allergy Standards. This certification indicates that a product is guaranteed for people with asthma or allergies.

The benefits of having a dehumidifier

At this point, you’ll already have some idea about the benefits of having a dehumidifier at home. However, to avoid any doubts, we’ll explain everything to you in detail.

1. They improve the quality of the air

Having a dehumidifier at home has become a health issue. Although you may not pay attention to it, the accumulation of dust, allergens, pet hair, and mold is one of the triggers of allergies and respiratory problems. As a publication by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, it can also cause discomfort in the skin and eyes.

Fortunately, thanks to dehumidifiers, such as the De’Longhi DEX or DDSX models, which are certified (except model DEX210), you can clean the air of allergens and dust and, thus, ensure a healthier environment for your family. In this way, you reduce the risk of skin and respiratory problems, as well as ridding spaces of mites, mold, and odors.

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2. They help clothes dry faster

Many homes have poorly ventilated spaces for drying clothes. Thus, they increase moisture and the clothes acquire bad smells. In this regard, a dehumidifier is also ideal because they serve to dry clothes. The De’Longhi DDSX models help dry clothes in half the time compared to natural drying.

3. They even solve big moisture problems

Another great advantage that modern dehumidifiers, such as De’Longhi models, offer is that they have the ability to solve big moisture problems at home, such as the DDSX models. With this, you avoid the impact of moisture on the aesthetics of the house, bad odors, and the potential health problems that may arise.

A DDSX220 dehumidifier.

4. They help preserve your furniture and appliances

When environments are overly moist, both furniture and appliances tend to deteriorate faster. Moisture gradually corrodes metal parts and alters the colors of paint, wood, and fabrics. By removing moisture with a high-quality dehumidifier, as those we mentioned in this article, this is a thing of the past.

5. Some are really quiet

The noise of some dehumidifiers can be annoying for some people if used overnight. With this in mind, De’Longhi offers alternatives such as the DNS model that are quiet. A great choice for those who opt for comfort.

In conclusion

Buying a dehumidifier is a great investment if you consider its important benefits. It isn’t just a matter of aesthetics, as it’s also a good ally of health and wellness. Keep that in mind!

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