Eight Surprising Properties of Granny Smith Apples

In order to obtain all the benefits of Granny Smith apples it's essential to consume organically grown ones. This is because the peel contains many nutrients you could benefit from.
Eight Surprising Properties of Granny Smith Apples
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 09 October, 2022

Granny Smith apples are a favorite of many people due to their unmistakable tart flavor. The truth is everyone should add them to their regular diet and take advantage of their nutritional properties.

Indeed, apples are healthy in general. However, the granny Smith variety has some advantages over the others. Their antioxidants and, especially, that acidic flavor, make them perfect for any diet designed to lose weight or regulate blood sugar.

Are you still not convinced? Does the fact that this variety isn’t as sweet as the others keep you away from them? Continue reading for some reasons to do it. Dare to include a granny Smith apple a day in your diet!

The health benefits of Granny Smith apples


1. They promote intestinal transit

We’re not talking about apple juice or jellies here. The best thing to do is eat a green apple with the skin. Only by doing this will you get the fiber it offers. This helps to keep you healthy and regular.

Fiber, far from being a nutrient, is an indispensable aid for our internal balance and metabolism. At the same time, green apple trees also provide their fruit with polysaccharides and lignin. These are vital for your colon health.

2. They speed up the metabolism

The minerals contained in Granny Smith apples can kickstart the metabolism. Potassium and manganese support this beneficial process.

Always remember that skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism. Instead, you’ll soon notice the benefits if you get in the habit of starting your day with some oatmeal mixed with Granny Smith apples and a cup of white tea.

In addition, they optimize liver health. Keep in mind that balance leads to good liver health and it has an impact on your overall well-being. In the internal well-being that’s noticeable on your exterior appearance.

3. Granny Smith apples are satiating

Start by eating two green apples per day if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. Also, if you have a balanced diet with lots of variety, this fruit can help to reduce snacking between meals. Take a good bite of a Granny Smith whenever you crave sweets or when you need an extra boost of energy.

4. Green apples are sources of calcium and potassium

Green apples are rich in vitamins A and E. Also, this delicious fruit contains good amounts of calcium, boron, and potassium. This is because it’s rich in antioxidants, which are important to maintain good health, according to several studies.

Calcium promotes blood coagulation and also participates in the absorption of vitamin B12. Meanwhile, potassium is a part of the osmotic balance and also involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

5. Granny Smith apples promote blood coagulation

One way to increase our vitamin K levels, and consequently, to promote the healing of our wounds, is to eat green apples on a regular basis.

Vitamin K acts as an antihemorrhagic compound, and it’s common to experience a deficit of this nutrient when you’re dealing with an infectious disease or when convalescing from an illness.

6. Prevent diabetes

Granny Smith apples aren’t only great for preventing diabetes, but also highly recommended to supplement the diet of patients who already have this condition.

As you already know, most fruits are excluded from diabetic diets due to their fructose content. Green apples are an exception though. The key is to eat them raw, as Medical News Today experts point out.

7. They deter premature aging

A woman holding an apple.

Eat Granny Smith apples if you want to promote younger-looking skin. Their high antioxidant content promotes cellular health in general. This translates into hydration, elasticity, and overall freshness.

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8. Granny Smith apples decrease inflammation

The skin of the green apple contains enzymes that help protect T-cells. This is a type of lymphocyte that deters inflammation.

In addition, pectin provides minerals and vitamins that are suitable for maintaining an overall good state of health.

Include Granny Smith apples in your diet… and add other fruits too!

Green apples blend well in various recipes. One of the easiest ways to eat them is as part of a breakfast with oatmeal. You can also include them in a salad or eat them sliced as a snack at any time of the day. Keep them around to appease hunger when you crave food. Find the way you like them best and enjoy!

It’s important to include apples in your diet but you should also eat other fruits for balance and variety. Consult your family doctor or nutritionist if you have any doubts about this.

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