When You’re Simply Tired and Need to Start Over

· December 6, 2016
There comes a moment when you are tired of everything and nothing motivates you. Dare to change your reality, even if it means starting from scratch.

Sometimes, you simply get tired and realize there’s only one option: you have to start over.

We get tired of the murmuring that envelops us. We become tired of insincere words, and scenes and people who don’t support us.

Also, we get tired of ourselves. The way we are ineffective and not interesting or respected tires us. We stop recognizing who we see in the mirror.

In reality, people need very little to be happy. The “psychology of the simple” reminds us that well-being is hidden in the most essential needs, in the purest and most basic dimensions.

These are love, respect, freedom, or the company of important people in our lives.

However, occasionally, we can all feel this existential exhaustion that is nothing more than unhappiness and the weight of worries. A way to get rid of them is to start over.

This is something that we know isn’t easy.

When you’re tired and everything is falling apart

Emotional and psychological tiredness is something that usually happens to human beings. We arrive at a point in essential paths where we feel overwhelmed, but not by having many things, but by many obligations and responsibilities.

This feeling of being overwhelmed or choked happens to many. It appears when you are mentally and emotionally tired.

This is due to a lack of reciprocity. You invest and you don’t get back. You feed dreams and they don’t come true.

Let’s look at it in detail


Emotional shipwreck 

Emotional shipwreck is a personal drift where we feel lost.

We have invested time and effort in certain people, in our relationships, our friends, or our jobs, only to find out that in the end, it wasn’t worth it. Or, in consequence, nothing has turned out as we had hoped.

  • To feel tired, day after day. To realize how we lack strength. We also notice that feeling tired changes our character to the point where feeling bad is a constant feeling. These are indicators that something is not going right.
  • When you get tired of everything and nothing interests you or inspires you, this is a direct way of saying, perhaps, you have almost hit the bottom.
  • This personal shipwreck can last weeks. But be careful, it should not last longer than two months. If it does, we could be talking about depression.
  • We can “feel down” for a few weeks. We have every right to feel deceived, dejected, and this emotional tiredness. This then allows us to rebuild every fragment. That being said, you shouldn’t let this situation become chronic.

To fight emotional tiredness… Change, move, encourage variations

If you can’t take any more, react. If nothing interests you, change. If everything appears to be dark and gray, look for your paintbrushes.

If all you see are false smiles and cold interactions, look for warmer people, but never stay in the same place.

Sometimes, psychologists tell us that reality “doesn’t exist”. This is because everything we see before us is a simple interpretation from our minds. There, where thought and emotion are key elements.

Now then, we all know that, sometimes, reality is what it is. It can be hard, complicated, even painful.

  • In order to encourage change, we need to know something. We must know the situation that surrounds us well. That way, we can fully understand our reality.
  • If your reality is that at your side you have someone you are not happy with, it is necessary to find a solution.
    Sometimes, there is no reason to look for who is at fault. Love goes, attachment disappears and there is no remedy but accepting it and finding a solution.

If you grow tired of who you are right now, take note. The moment you notice that your work, the things you surround yourself, don’t make you feel good, stop.

If you aren’t happy with what you do or say, think. That’s the moment to “rebuild yourself from the inside out.”

Far from what many can say, people are able to change with time. This is called experience.

  • If I notice that “saying yes” to everyone has brought me more problems than not, that’s the moment to be more assertive. That’s the moment to take better care of my identity and self-esteem. And, when necessary, we should dare to say “no.”
  • Sometimes, we have to start over. This allows us to better ourselves personally and emotionally. Only then will we be capable of testing ourselves. This will allow us to discover our strengths. And do so in other situations and new scenes where we like ourselves more. Moreover, we will be able to feel proud of ourselves.

If today you’ve noticed that you feel tired, take a moment to think. You could be overwhelmed by everything that surrounds you or is inside you.

Maybe this is the moment to put the key in the lock that holds your fears so you can move past them.

Dare to take the step. Sometimes, only a small change is enough to cause a new reality to happen. A new reality in which you can be happy.

Put it in practice. You deserve it.