Signs that Your Body Craves Sex

While sex is still a taboo subject for some people, it's a basic human need that is important to talk about.
Maricela Jiménez López

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Last update: 18 October, 2023

Your body reflects your physiological and sexual needs through a set of symptoms that reflect your desires for sexual contact and exciting new experiences.

The lack of sex has physical and emotional effects, regardless of whether or not you are aware of them. This basic human need is much deeper than the pleasure it generates. It also plays an important role in your health and well being.

Hormone regulating activity

The hormonal activity caused by sex positively affects your mood. In other words, regular sex helps release stress, reduce anxiety, alleviate physical discomfort, and strengthens your immune system.

When you have sex, your body releases dopamine and endorphins. These substances have an analgesic effect on your central nervous system. Thanks to them, you feel great almost instantly. If you keep that good feeling over time, it has a positive impact on your physical health. It can improve your skin and even help your energy levels and physical performance.

Another hormone that is directly related to sex is serotonin.  This substance facilitates bodily functions like digestion, sleep, and body temperature regulation.

There’s a direct relationship between serotonin and libido. Consequently, low serotonin levels can affect your sexual appetite.

The hormones released during sex help the endocrine system function properly, which seems to promote overall well-being.

Signs that Your Body Craves Sex

Some people try to repress their sexual desire and hold themselves back from what they need. Other people are more open about their sexuality and don’t hesitate to have sex when the opportunity presents itself.

Whatever your personality, if you go a while without having a satisfying sexual experience, your body feels it and sends certain signals. Let’s look at what those signals are:

1. Sleep disorders and physical discomfort

A guy with a headache.

Have you had trouble sleeping lately? If you’re not sleeping well, you might have muscle pain, headaches, even migraines. As unlikely as it seems, these can all be signs that your body craves sex.

A team of German neurologists conducted a study that showed that sex promotes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is important for good sleep.

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2. Irritability, stress, and pessimism

Another sign that your body craves sex can show up in your social life. In general, this is something that people joke about, but it’s completely valid. Irritability, after all, is a consequence of a physical imbalance. Wild mood swings and ups and downs, particularly at work and with friends, is likely a sign that your body craves sex.

Of course, we aren’t suggesting you should just go and have casual sex with no emotional involvement. Instead, try to address your sexual needs healthily, however you can. If you’re single, for example, you can make changes to your diet, be more active, and do things that make you feel good.

3. Recurring fantasies

Studies show that when you need to have sex, you’re more likely to have sexual fantasies. That’s because it’s an unconscious way to satisfy your sexual appetite. Sexual fantasies are completely normal and allow you to experience pleasure, to some degree.

Mental images or wet dreams happen more frequently if you aren’t having sex. It’s important to mention that while fantasies are sometimes the result of a concrete stimulus, sometimes they just happen. There’s no reason to repress them, they are a healthy way to express sexuality.

4. Dull skin and brittle hair

A woman looking at her broken hair.

It might be strange to think that sex can improve the appearance of your skin, but it’s true. When you have sex often, your pores open up and release impurities that otherwise might cause blemishes.

If your face has lost some of its natural shine and you’re experiencing more pimples or acne than normal, it could mean your body craves sex.

Like any physical activity, sex activates your blood circulation, which is good for the health of your skin and hair.

5. Insecurity

If you’re not having sex, you might not feel good about yourself, which some people believe leads to insecurity.

Sex is an activity that improves self-esteem, allowing both men and women to feel desired and cared for.


Physiological needs and sexual appetite can manifest themselves in signs that reflect your desire for intimate contact with another person.

Sex can improve your mood. While sexual desire is sometimes it’s easy to ignore or repress, it’s a basic need that you should take care of.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the need for sex doesn’t mean you should be promiscuous, nor does it mean you have a mental problem.

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