What Does Your Signature Say About You?

The way a person writes can give you many clues about different aspects of their character and personality. And, others can figure out the same for you.
What Does Your Signature Say About You?

Last update: 12 May, 2022

Your signature is something unique and individual to each person. Just like fingerprints, they are all different.

Because of this, your signature says a lot about an individual’s personality. It gives insight into their ways of thinking, acting, and even their weaknesses and strengths.

It’s been a while since this was discovered and graphology was created. This is the science that analyzes signatures and their structures.

They say that the form, size, and even the details that a signature has can tell you about a person’s characteristics.

Thanks to these small features, you can differentiate between certain interesting aspects. And sometimes, not even the signer recognizes them in themselves.

Is it legible?

Most signatures are based on a person’s first and last name. However, there can be infinite variations.

When it comes to legibility, we’re talking about to how easy it is to distinguish the names in the signature.

  • They say that a legible signature belongs to someone who is sincere and straightforward.
  • On the other hand, barely illegible signatures belong to people who are not confident and show resistance to authority.
  • If you can only make out the initials, this means that it will take time to earn this person’s trust.

The angle of the signature

Even though it might sound crazy, the angle of the signature you write can say key things about your personality.

  • When the signature goes up, it means that this person is ambitious, a fighter, and someone who has aspirations of succeeding.

If it’s incredibly angled, it could be that this person is very ambitious in their personal life.

  • If the signature goes down, the can be taken as s symbol of an apathetic and depressive person. The more the angle of the signature, the greater the degree.

Pessimism and a lack of self-esteem are factors that are equally determining.

A signature can be a sign of a stable person. This means both emotionally and mentally.

The size of the letters

They say that the bigger the letters the more extroverted the person is and vice-versa.

Similarly, this can be a representation of a shy person who’s looking for attention. Normally they’re between ½ and 1 inch.

The contents of the signature

The content we’re referring to is the names there. Your signature is a presentation of your name and last name to the world.

But the larger one of the two could be the one that’s more important.

  • If a person signs their name and last name, but, the larger one is their name which overshadows their last name, this is a signal of independence. They’re saying that they don’t need to be represented by anything but themselves.

Curved and straight letters

  • Signatures that use very curvy letters are representative of a person who is likable. They have a good mood and a good sense of style.
  • On the other hand, signatures that are totally angular could be because this is a person who is extremely firm, proper, and disciplined.

The presence of uppercase

  • A person whose uppercase letters are three times larger than normal letters can be considered egocentric.
  • If the uppercase letters are two times larger than the rest, this person values themselves, they have their feet on the ground, and they have a stable self-esteem.
  • When they don’t stand out this shows humility and valuing others.


  • The harder you sign, the more authority, and firmness you have. This is a sign of an authoritarian person who has a temper.
  • On the other hand, a soft and smooth signature is symbolic of adaptability and calmness.

Decorations and details

The details in a signature can show how a person likes to present themselves to the world.

Writing without any decorations can show a person who is authentic and transparent. On the other hand, they can show certain characteristic details, like:

  • Swirls: these are a sign that the person has a lot of thoughts in their head. They’re looking for authenticity.
  • Underlined: They are sure of themselves and take charge when a decision needs to be made. This is the kind of person who takes on new challenges without worrying about the challenges.
  • A period at the end: this is symbolic of a very disciplined, strict, and organized person.
  • Regressive signature: this is exclusive to people who are looking for security to reach their goals.

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