Secrets for Naturally Radiant Eyes

To relax the eyes and the entire face in general, make all kinds of funny faces in the mirror for two minutes and end with a massage to relieve tension.
Secrets for Naturally Radiant Eyes

Last update: 15 December, 2022

If you’re interested in how to get radiant eyes, we have a few awesome tips. They are the window to our souls after all!

There are many things that affect the appearance of our eyes, like for example when our eyes are dry or irritated, when wrinkles appear, or when the muscles of the face are tense.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to naturally treat and prevent these problems, as well as a few beauty tips for luminous and radiant eyes.

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Dry or irritated eyes

Often when the eyes lose their brightness it’s due to dryness or irritation, which can be naturally treated with healthy foods containing the right vitamins. If your eyes are dry or irritated, check out some of these tips:

  • Include more foods like linseed and cold water fish, like salmon and tuna, in your diet.  These foods are rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Eat more avocados; they’re loaded with healthy fats.
  • Cook with high-quality oils like olive and coconut oils, that don’t degrade with heating.
  • Drink natural juices like apple and carrot.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, two of which should be in the morning.
  • Avoid excess salt.

We can also hydrate our eyes with homemade eye drops made from ghee, by putting a tiny drop in each eye every morning.  This ghee should not be used for cooking and should be monitored for contamination.

Taking care of fine lines for radiant eyes

The corners of the eyes are very delicate areas of the skin where wrinkles often first appear, or where the effects of poor nutrition appear as bags or dark circles under the eyes.  If we do nothing, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will only get worse.  Besides avoiding the wrong foods and bad habits like tobacco, we can use the following vegetable based oils to gently massage the area:

  • Jojoba: Ideal for mixed skin types;
  • Coconut: The least greasy and most easily absorbed, especially good for oily skin;
  • Rosehip: Regenerating for dry, aged skin;
  • Almond: For all types of skin.

How do I massage my face?

Starting at the inner edge of the eyebrow, begin gently massaging in slow, circular motions to the outer edge of the brow, then continue around the eye to where you started.


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Relaxation for the eyes

The eyes are surrounded by muscles that can become tense just like other parts of the body when we’re suffering from stress or experiencing a difficult emotional situation.  But we can learn to relax our face through gentle massage.  Also, just making silly faces is a great way to relax the facial muscles, for example:

  • Open, close and move your jaw;
  • Puff out your cheeks;
  • Wiggle your nose;
  • Close your eyes as hard as you can;
  • Wrinkle your forehead.

After two minutes, your face will be completely relaxed and you’ll be able to breathe deeply, imagining the air you breathe is reaching all the parts of your face.

People who have vision problems should periodically get a checkup.  Wearing glasses or lenses that aren’t the right prescription can lead to eye strain and facial tension.

Long, full lashes

The eyelashes, in addition to protecting our eyes from sunlight and all types of foreign particles, lend an attractive, feminine aspect to your look.  If we want longer, fuller lashes, we can take advantage of an old remedy: castor oil, which you should apply to your eyelashes each night before bed.  The easiest way to apply the oil is to use an old mascara brush, but an eyebrow brush will also work.

You must be consistent with your application for visible results.

Eyebrow Shaping

The majority of women pluck their eyebrows, but most of them have never been to a specialist to have them appropriately shaped for their face type.  With just tiny changes during eyebrow waxing, we can shape the eyebrows and emphasize the look we want.

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