Say Goodbye Swollen Feet By Using These Homemade Remedies

Besides being bothersome, swollen feet can also be painful, which is why we should look for solutions that can help us treat it effectively
Say Goodbye Swollen Feet By Using These Homemade Remedies
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Last update: 30 May, 2022

Swollen feet is a condition that can lower your quality of life. Even though most people don’t pay that much attention to it at first, they eventually realize that it can become a chronic problem. Although sometimes it may disappear after a little bit of rest, it frequently implies problems that can limit movement and your ability to do everyday activities or sports.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor to know the cause of the swelling and what types of treatments could be best for you. You can use several homemade remedies that don’t have any side-effects, along with your prescribed treatment before the swelling gets out of hand.

This article provides information on the main causes of swollen feet and some remedies that will help you naturally manage the swelling. Continue reading and see for yourself!

Why do feet swell?

Swollen Feet

Your feet are the body’s main support. They carry your entire body weight during any kind of activity such as walking or running.  The main cause of swelling is liquid building up in the fatty tissue underneath the skin. This liquid can be caused by a circulatory problem or medical condition.

Risk factors

People have a higher chance of getting swollen feet if they’re exposed to certain factors. The most common are the following:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle
  • Exercising excessively or having bad posture
  • Using the wrong footwear
  • Consuming too much sodium
  • Having chronic venous insufficiency
  • Consuming alcohol and smoking
  • Having inflammatory disorders such as arthritis
  • Suffering from a foot infection or injury

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Homemade treatments for swollen feet

Every case of swollen feet should be checked by a medical professional, especially if the symptoms last for long periods of time or reappear. If the problem is mild, there are some homemade treatments that can help the swelling or be used to prevent them from appearing.

Epsom salt bath

Epsom salt

When skin absorbs Epsom salt, their anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling in feet. Actually it’s one of the best recommendations for soothing tiredness or pain.

  • Dissolve half a cup of salt in a small tub of water and dunk your feet in it for 20 minutes.
  • Repeat this treatment until you notice improvement.


Light exercises such as yoga, are great for activating the blood circulation in the lower part of the body, including your feet and ankles.

  • Do poses that bend and stretch out the foot and leg muscles.

Foods with magnesium

Foods with magnesium

Foods with magnesium are great allies for reducing the effects of inflammatory disorders. A lack of magnesium is one of the main causes of tiredness, swelling and poor blood circulation.

  • Make sure to eat foods such as dried herbs, legumes and cacao.
  • If that’s not enough, try using commercial magnesium supplements.

Elevated legs

When swelling is caused by too much physical activity, staying in a certain position or wear footwear, then elevating your legs can be an instant sense of relief.

  • Lay down on a comfortable area and lift your legs towards the ceiling.
  • Hold the position for 2 or 3 minutes, then rest.


Massages are best therapies for any kind of swollen joint problem. They activate the blood circulation and improve lymphatic processes and reduces swelling in no time.

  • Put a small amount of a relaxing essential oil on your hands and rub it on your feet.
  • Massage for 5 to 10 minutes, until you feel the effects.

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Woman drinking water

Though it sounds like a contradiction, one of the causes of liquid building up in tissue is not drinking enough water. In order to maintain the necessary amounts of fluids, the body starts to retain it.

  • Drink more water and healthy liquids are good for treating swollen feet.

Certain exercises

In addition to doing yoga, there are certain exercises that can be great for controlling this problem.

  • Place a tennis ball on the floor and spin on it by using the bottom of your bare feet.

Even though swollen feet are rarely a serious problem, you shouldn’t ignore it. Follow these recommendations and talk to your doctor if you notice any further problems.

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